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PW: Draining the Swamp [Update]

Circling the Drain - Updates As we continue to see changes politically within Orbis - we will update this thread with highlighted changes and up-to-date...

Resident Evil 2 Remake Gameplay Part 2

Hey guys! Ready for Part 2? Hey guys, this is my second part to my play-through of Claire's campaign. This one, i wont have any...

PW: Draining the Swamp of Political Stagnation

Circling the Drain The great breakdown of treaty lines in Politics & War has started. The plug was first pulled in the political swamp with...

PW: New Political Openings: Syndicate Signs NPO

NPO has made the big jump, departing the IQ Sphere with BK and aligning themselves with The Syndicate. Many have said that this move...

PW: Guardian and Grumpy Old Bastards Sign TGH

Time for some more political movement outside of the new Syndi-NPO Sphere Related: PW: Draining the Swamp of Political Stagnation This week, Buorhann of The Golden...