Surfs Up [6/10 Update]

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‘Surfs Up’ [5/26 Update]

The Highest of Horses

‘Surfs Up’ KETOG Strikes Chaos

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Surfs Up [6/10 Update]

‘Surfs Up’ [5/26 Update]

The Highest of Horses

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Surfs Up [6/10 Update]

We are back at it again folks with another update for the war that keeps raging on, Surfs Up. It has been about 15...

[UNITY] on Orbis

Just like a real-life society, there come times where there seems to be an increase in exposure of certain topics - these can change...

‘Surfs Up’ [5/26 Update]

Knights Templar member, RAM of Dark Castle was the first to kick off the war on May 25th in-game time, between the KETOG and...

The Highest of Horses

On April 27th, Placentica of the alliance Alpha shared his official Recognition of War announcement to the Politics & War gaming community via the...

‘Surfs Up’ KETOG Strikes Chaos

Knights Templar member, RAM of Dark Castle was the first to kick off the war on May 25th in-game time, between the KETOG and...

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