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2018 (Practice) Orbis Awards?



Friday Sep. 28 23:29 | ORB Newsroom

Yesterday, we reported on the brand new Orbis Awards taking place off-forums on their own official discord server – we told you that the nomination process was done and the voting process was to begin very soon – well, that day was today. Many of the viewers on that server woke up to see voting polls open, but that was not without problems.

Each of the 17 categories has its own link that will bring you to a separate poll. “I’m still pretty annoyed at having to click every question individually,” ComradeMilton said within the Orbis Awards discord server. It’s true, we tried it, and its beyond a simple annoyance, 17 links? (#firstworldproblems)

Additionally, we were met with a few other issues that included nominations for categories that were not included in the poll. “It’s Rigged” said Reaganomics. Apart from that, we realized that on some of the polls you could just refresh and vote againĀ  – which really doesn’t make a solid foundation for a poll to begin with, 1 vote per user please. That’d be like using dead people and illegal immigrants to boost voter count…who does that?

Apart from that, we saw that many of the polls were sloppily created with nominees listed on the same line as another nominee, for example “The Island La Cosa Nostra” and “Ronny D Luciano Leggio” were listed on a line together…thus making the poll completely invalid.

Talk of creating an Orbis Awards more closer to the end of the year and promoted and handled on the PW Forums have already started.