Fury-ous Foundations

Sunday Sep. 23 05:16 | ORB Newsroom

Orbis Weekly has been investigating an interesting story that was originally posted in alliance affairs on the Politics & War forums by Ragnar Lodbrok . When first posted, we thought there would be an interesting story behind it so we grabbed a screenshot – currently, the post was moved to farewells & goodbyes, then removed by moderation shortly after. Here is what we grabbed when the post was still live in Alliance Affairs:

“You want an apology? After talking about my personal life? Get bent oliver. Especially Princess Richard. You guys can all get rolled. No ones getting bill and no ones getting any money.

Hey oliver. I capitalized the F. Prick”

Posts within the thread capitalized on confusion, most of those who were able to read the original post and comment on the moved thread asked if the post was a Declaration of War or asked for further information on the drama. Richard Payne of GodFury was quoted as saying “Lmao. Oh God. Ragnar, please don’t escalate things more. Focus on IRL. Nobody hates you and this is unnecessary.” Further on down the comments The Shadow says “I am sick of GF now actually.”  It looks as though a document was posted, but Orbis Weekly was not able to secure that document. Instead, we hit the streets looking for some more details. 

During our search, The Foundation, led by Samuel Bates, posted an announcement announcing the cancellation of their treaty. Samuel Bates says that they feel that the way in which GodFury runs their alliance does not match with their own methods. Could this be due to the drama ensuing within the ranks of GodFury? To answer that question we talked to Captain Parish, who claims to be High Gov in GodFury. We asked for some information the The Foundation dropping GodFury to start – “The Foundation did not drop us (we still have them on our treaty web)” Captain Parrish said. Our first reaction was that maybe the public announcement was a ploy – to further the drama, but come to find out Captain Parrish was not privy to the news of the cancellation. After we pressed the situation a bit more, we were met with a brick wall of classification. “Well I have my ideas but, things are classified,” he said. “It could bring up tensions between us and another alliance, therefore, potentially leading to a huge war.” Orbis Weekly tried to get more details within the GodFury server, but we were immediately shut down by Captain Parrish, so we went a different route.

Samuel Bates – Leader of The Foundation.

When questioned about the cancellation, Samuel Bates was only comfortable giving a small quote to Orbis Weekly.

“We stayed through the drama and only split ways until the problem was resolved. Once it was all resolved we announced the split. If we wanted to avoid the drama we simply would of split as it was starting.”

We asked what might have needed to be resolved prior to splitting and why it needed to be resolved before they could make their public departure, but again – Orbis Weekly was hit with another brick wall of confidentiality. “We may be splitting from GodFury, but I still plan to respect their opsec,” Samuel Bates said.

Another source we spoke with who chose to remain anonymous added in details to the effect that multiple alliances are involved in the ‘drama’ that has happened, which most likely pushed Ragnar Lodbrok to post the announcement above. It seems there is a heavy amount of tension between key alliances involved within this sphere of smaller entities and each source and every lead points back to GodFury with a Foundation implication – which makes sense that Foundation would drop their ties.

Orbis Weekly thinks eyes should be kept on Foundation, Sunray, and GodFury – we will be continuing our investigation and will update this article when further information is available.

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