Egyptian Empire – A Declaration of Existence

Monday Sep. 17 2018 17:11 | Alliance Affairs – PW Forums

No matter how many times the elites in Politics & War say they aren’t needed, people will continue to make new alliances.

Our most recent comes out of the clutter of La Mafia (MAF) – El Chach, one of the more well-known members of MAF has decided to break off and become something better. El Chach starts his Declaration of Existence off with a bit of a thematic introduction:

We prefer to take our lessons from the Pharaoh’s of Ancient Egypt, ruling over a vast kingdom stretching across the harshest environment on Earth, from the Mediterranean to the head of the Sahara desert. The society was the most advanced of its time, with a world-class irrigation system, healthcare system, well-tooled army and lots of gardens for the nobles to relax with their harem. All were looked after, obviously aside from the slaves.


El Chach has begun to set up his leadership as well with Xea Evangelos and RedPhx taking the same spot as Senior Viziers. Xea Evangelos also fills the spot for Vizier of the Economy.

With only being created on the 17th, Egyptian Empire has already gained 10 members and has grown a total of 2,287 total alliance score – obviously, we can assume most of this score is from simple membership growth.

If you’re out there thinking that this is just another noob alliance to raid, think again. Egyptian Empire has declared it’s existence announcing protection with Bad Company, Polaris, and Acadia and upon further investigation into El Chach’s creation, we have discovered that they are also being protected by The United Empire of ZahAharon.

Quadruple Protection.

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