A Small Price to Pay for Salvation


Pre-Written Thursday Oct. 4 19:49 | ORB Newsroom

Editors Note:  At the time this article was pre-written and scheduled for posting, we sat down and spoke with Hope – over the course of the past few days, we have learned that Infinity has decided against surviving and has moved on to disbanding – with most members going to The Commonwealth. The following article and interview was part of one that noted the possible turmoil & theme change of Future War Cult to Infinity.

Is there a future for the war cult?

Future War Cult was an alliance that was positioned above top 50 for quite a bit – we watched them grow from just a few members, to a larger alliance quite quickly. Unfortunately, after rumors of internal drama and turmoil – there has been a leader swap and a complete theme change. Amid the power struggle, it would seem a few members also departed dropping the alliance to rank 50.

Infinity houses 22 members total and sits at 37k score with an average score of nearly 1700. As far as diplomacy goes, they have an MDP with both the Purple Flower Garden and the Wigglytuffs Guild – a ODoAP with The Dixie Union and Protectorate with The Commonwealth.

We are no strangers to theme change. Many alliances end up switching themes, especially when it comes down to a power struggle – it is the perfect way to start fresh and carry on. We spoke to Hope, now the current leader, to see what exactly was going on and how this theme change and leader switch came into fruition.

“Illen was having some real life problems and we as a government decided that he should take a break,” Hope told Orbis Weekly.  “At first, he didn’t want to so I told him unless he did I was going to leave.” – this is when Hope joined The Island for a short time.  Illen told us that they didn’t think they’d be heading back to Future War Cult. “Eventually he [Illen] did step down and I was instated as leader.” FWC, now Infinity, had a few others leave (Dio and Vexz), but Hope claims that their departure reason has nothing to do with the leadership or theme change.

In regards to the theme change, Hope tells us “honestly, I have no attachment to Destiny and I was reminded of a rebrand suggestion someone had given back in AIM – so I ran with it.”