Achievements – The Scoop


Tuesday Oct. 30 2018 0234 | PW Developments

Have we got some news for you ORB Members! Today, we learned that there will be a new addition to our favorite game that keeps us out of the fresh air and sunlight. Alex has given Orbis Weekly the exclusive scoop on this brand new mechanic being dropped live into the game sometime before the end of 2018 (hopefully).

Before we dive into this new achievement, it should be noted that most additions to the game tend to piss of half of the player base and make a select few of the player base actually happy – I feel like I can say that this one, at least, will either make you ‘meh’ or happy, so that is for sure a step in the right direction for Alex. Let’s get to it!

The new addition currently being called “Achievements” will allow nations to unlock a series of…achievements in-game. “They’ll each have a unique action/specification to be unlocked.” Alex told Orbis Weekly. The best part of this new addition is players will have the option to select their favorite 3 achievements to showcase on their nation pages. Here are a few example achievements that were provided to Orbis Weekly.


Raider is given to nations who win a Raid War.

Happy Feet

Happy Feet is given to a nation who decides to take the risk in Antarctica, which is currently unavailable in the live-game – but we will have the option to move to Antarctica once the new map system is loaded in! Look out for that -50% drop in food production though.


Blockadier will be given to a nation who successfully blockades an enemy nation.

Princeps Civitas

Are you about that approval rating? Princeps Civitatis is given to players who reach 100% approval rating in their nations.

fraggle approved

Most likely one of the rarest achievements, Fraggle Approved will be unlocked by any nation who holds more than 500 Nuclear Weapons. Congratulations Fraggle!

black beard

Are you a raider, love the war? If you loot more than $250 Million, this is your unlocked achievement.

Alex tells Orbis Weekly that these are just a few of the existing achievements within this update. “We’re hoping to have several hundred ready when released and add more as time goes on.”  As we stated before, there is no exact deadline or ETA for the implementation of this addition to the game, but Alex does intent on producing the addition sometime before the end of 2018.

What do you think of this addition? It might not be needed, but it adds a bit of nation uniqueness – especially considering you can choose the top 3 to showcase on your nation page. Scroll to the bottom of this post and comment what you think of the upcoming addition! Also, if you have ideas for more achievements let us know, we will compile a list and deliver them to Alex for you.