Anthem Demo – Update

As you all know, the Open Demo for Anthem launches today, the 1st and will run through Sunday the 3rd, allowing everyone who didn’t pre-order access to the much talked about demo. Last weekend, the VIP only demo was released for Anthem and it was not without error – many bugs plagued players as they tried to navigate the seemingly deep world, one that stood out the most was that pesky 95 bug – loading up into an expedition only 95% of the way before being stuck on an infinite loading screen. BioWare developers said that this was likely due to some issues between home network and ISPs, but our question is, will it still be a problem in the open demo or did all the work they did this week between demo launches fix it?

Anthem Open Demo goes live today at 11pm CST/12pm EST and will end Sunday at 8pm CST/9pm EST – to play, even if you didn’t pre-order Anthem, you can just head to your favorite digital store (Xbox/Microsoft, PS4, Origin) and download the demo and that’s that. ORB will continue to follow the open demo for Anthem and keep track of any bugs/issues users are having throughout the weekend.