Anthem: First Time

Anthem was officially released worldwide for everyone on February 22nd, 2019 and we first got our start a few days ago, jumping into Bastion and into the, so far, great story. First thoughts were that this game is stunning, visually, and backs up that visual with great depth in story-telling – and not just in the main missions, but the side missions that are available to play this early in the game. At this time, we advanced through to unlocking three javelins (Interceptor, Storm, Ranger) – but not without some issues along the way.

Issues We Found:

  1. Server Issues
    1. Throughout our travels we found ourselves or our squad-mates getting kicked out of servers due to connection issues with EA. Obviously, this is a problem that EA confirms they are constantly working on and at one point stated that they were fixed. This happened during pretty much every point of the game; Fort Tarsis, Expeditions, and Forge.
  2. Post-Expedition Freeze
    1. We are sure many of you suffered and continue to suffer with this one. Post-expedition, often we were met with no options to continue to forge or exit the screen – we just stood in an infinite loot watching our squad javelins stand there…the only remedy to this was to quit/close out the game and jump back in.
  3. Battle Glitch/Rubberbanding
    1. Given our location and hardwired internet services, we were still met with bouts of unbelievable glitches and rubberbanding while in fighting sequences. These were often short-lived, but still provided immense frustration as we were trying to help our squad in defeating waves of enemies. Usually, once a wave was defeated or that section of the expedition was completed the glitching/rubberbanding would subside.
  4. Inability to Interact
    1. Sometimes and randomly, we were faced with the inability to interact with objects – either picking up resources throughout the world or picking up collectibles and pressing buttons/interacting with mission checkpoints.
  5. Expedition Map Error?
    1. Unless explicitly tracked, we found that missions were not showing up visibly on the expedition map. Maybe this is the way it is meant to be, but I believe most of us gamers out in the world are used to being able to visually see all areas we have a mission in with ease of selecting what we want from a map. Additionally, when teamed up with our friends in a squad – not only did our missions show up (sometimes), but so did the squad-mates missions – which led to some pretty dangers expeditions – being thrown into a higher level than what we were currently at. We survived, but it shouldn’t be that way OR at least should show that it is a squad-mate’s mission and not your own.

Even though all of that looks pretty annoying – and trust us it was – the game itself kept us coming back for more. There is a hell of a lot of exploring you can do, even in just Fort Tarsis with a tremendous amount of information to read through to learn more about Tarsis, Bastion, and the world of Anthem. Furthermore, if you search throughout Fort Tarsis and talk to everyone you can talk to, you can understand the community and the culture and even tune in to some pretty amazing radio shows. One being ‘The Crimson Lancer’ and another with an investigator with a Grabbit sidekick called ‘Hops.’ We are going to keep playing and exploring the world – there is too much good in this game to get held up on the bad – and we hope it only gets better.


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