Anthem Grabbits

If you played the VIP or the Open demo for the upcoming game, Anthem, you probably, most definitely, saw one of these little creatures hopping around the world. The Anthem Wiki describes these creatures (called Grabbits) as:

Small creatures in the world which travel in groups. They have sharp teeth and have been stated as being at the “bottom of the food chain” within the world. Despite this, developers have jokingly claimed grabbits would likely attack anyone unlucky enough to stumble upon them without a javelin and “eat their leg”. These creatures are non-hostile to the player and will flee upon noticing them. There are no known drop rewards for killing them.

After the wrap up of the VIP Demo weekend, Anthem developers reported that over 2 million grabbits were killed by players all over the world – that’s a huge number! I know when the ORB team got together to test out the VIP Demo last weekend, we killed a good handful of the creatures, but it seemed to be more in line with testing out the world and not a hateful distaste for these little guys.

Check out this video here of Grabbits in their environment: