Anthem Quick Update

On February 28th 2019 – Anthem Released a patch for their game which included some much-needed updates and hot fixes.

Patch Notes

  • Tethering: Tethering timer for missions has been increased. You’ll have more time to catch up to your squad before seeing a countdown timer.
  • The Swarm Tyrant: The encounter in the Tyrant Mine Stronghold can no longer be reset by the entire squad exiting to the main menu and rejoining the session in progress.
  • Chests: You can no longer reopen chests that had already been looted in Strongholds.

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Additional Hot Fixes

  • Items will no longer have inscriptions on them that are not appropriate for that specific item. This will only apply to items obtained after the patch – items obtained prior to the patch will still have the same inscriptions they had before.
  • Masterwork crafting costs have been reduced from 25 to 15 Masterwork Embers. Additionally, the amount of plants, metal, and parts needed for crafting a Masterwork item were also reduced.

We are unsure if related to the patch updates – but about 6 hours ago (8PM CST) many players across all platforms took to twitter to complain about connectivity issues with the game. Shortly after EA took the Anthem servers offline for emergency maintenance and about an hour after the servers were back online. Still though, many players will still reporting several errors with connectivity and even the inability to get into the game – continuous loading screen cycling back to the main menu.

Will EA get their servers sorted?


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