Anthem Servers Drop

It was reported that many players who wanted to jump into Anthem’s early release were hit with an error message upon launching the game – vast server issues across Xbox One for EA Access members and Origin Access members on PC. Players reported that issues started when launching into missions and then the issue progressed into a total shutdown of access to the game itself.

EA was quick to tell players that they were working on a fix and slowly gained access back to the game and were able to start on missions in the much-anticipated world of Anthem. Browsing through the @EAHelp twitter  – we also noticed that Apex Legends (also EA) was suffering server and matchmaking issues at the same time – not a great start day for EA’s new launch and one of the most popular battle royale games.

The official launch for everyone is on February 22nd – if you’re not an EA Access member on XBOX One or apart of the Origin subscriber club – you’re just going to have to wait a few more days! Hopefully, by the time the rest of the world jumps into the game, EA will figure out the issue behind these server drops.

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