Anthem – When Can I Play?


As we edge closer to the playtime for the long-anticipated Anthem game coming out February 22nd worldwide – many are asking, when can I play Demos? Everyone wants to jump in right away and test out what EA & Bioware have put together for us – here’s some information that might put your angst at ease:

Demo – There are 2 demo Launches Coming Your Way, VIP & Open

  1. VIP: January 25-27th
    1. VIP is available to those who pre-ordered either version of the game. Make sure you subscribe to EA Origin on PC OR EA Access on either PS4 or XBOX One. VIP access players will have access to both VIP and Open demo launches.
    2. Pre-Download for the Demo has started on January 23rd.
  2. Open: February 1-3rd
    1. This demo version is open to anyone who wants to play on any platform.

Demo Launch Caveats

  • Character Creator will not be accessible.
  • Content Gates – You will not be able to access certain content.
  • No progress will be carried over into full game release.

Here is what you can expect from both demo versions:

  • Both demos will carry the same content which include:
    • Various missions to explore
    • Stronghold
    • Fort Tarsis (some parts)
    • Freeplay (some)
    • All 4 Javelins running at levels 10-15
    • No NDA – You will be able to stream, take photos, and share the game to the world!
    • Multiplayer, bring your friends with you

Are you ready to jump into the world of Anthem? We for sure are! If you have any questions on how to get access to the Demo or anything specific related to the game – hop on our discord and use the command -role gamer to get access to our Anthem channels. We hope to see y’all there!