APEX Legends – So Far

It has been just over a week since we received the surprise release of Apex Legends from Respawn and we’ve been playing pretty hard…and we love it. Have you jumped in yet? One of the biggest reasons, we have found, for gamers not jumping in yet has been the fact that the battle royale gaming market is super saturated. We have seen big names since PUBG and the battle royale behemoth Fortnite. Between those giants there have been a huge amount of ‘off-brand’ games featuring the battle royale genre and now we have a brand new one, Apex Legends.

The biggest difference with Apex that we see is the fact that we utilize a series of ‘legends’ or playable characters who have special abilities and instead of rushing into battle, we utilize these special abilities aside our weapon selections to strategically take on other squads who jump into the world of Apex. Each legend has a special ability that allows them to support their squad and then an ultimate ability to even further the strategic advantage over other squads – we laid out all Legend’s abilities here on launch day.

The Apex map is extremely diverse with multiple areas to loot, numerous supply containers and supply drops that come in frequently. Weapons are scattered throughout the map with other weapons and equipment that will help you in your battle to come – all at varying rarity.

What is next for Apex? We already know that developers will continue to offer items through the item shop, dropping banners, costumes, and all that we expect for them to continue the war with Epic Games – we also know that starting in March they will launch the first Apex Legends season with an expected Battle Pass sale prior to the season launch. We found that the Battle Pass will unlock the seasons for players and will likely offer Apex Coins with purchases so you can spend them on all of those weapon skins, costumes, and banners to make your favorite Legend look legit af! Take a look at the year one roadmap for Apex Legends:

Seasons for Apex are expected to last 3 months and will include new legends, weapons, and loot – as far as map changes, nothing has been reported or found, but the map is still new and diverse with plenty of areas for action or hiding out. As far as Legends? The best thing about new legends is new abilities – the available abilities are already awesome, so we can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeves to add even more dynamic into the game itself – and we have to admit, having the abilities plus the weapons provides an intense dynamic to gameplay over other battle royale games out there.

The biggest news we have seen is a possible vehicle being added into the game – most battle royale games out there have some type of vehicle to get you from place to place and to compete with them, we figured eventually there would be some type of vehicle that can be used by Legends to jump in on unsuspecting squads or get to safety quickly. The leak came from @apexgameinfo on twitter who dropped a code snippet of what looks to be the hoverbike – only available in-game to developers.

After just over a week in, what do y’all think of Apex Legends?