Minecraft – 1.14 The Next Big Thing

The classic sandbox game Minecraft has been setting it sites for a new major update. 1.14, nicknamed the Village and Pillage update will be bringing a large set of new items and changes to the player’s Minecraft world. It will release on Minecraft Java Edition in the upcoming months of 2019.

Pandas located in a Bamboo Forest

Some things 1.14 will be adding include a new biome, bamboo jungles which can be found near regular jungle biomes. A new mob called Pandas inhabit such environments. Pandas are a passive mob that come in different forms shown by the expressions on their face. These include normal, aggressive, lazy, weak, worried, or playful. They are usually black and white but also have a rare brown and white variant. Pandas and bamboo are already found in the PlayStation 4 and Bedrock versions of the game, and can be found in the testing stages for 1.14 called snapshots in the Java Edition.

A Pillager riding a Ravager during a Raid.

Another feature which the update is focused on are Pillager Raids. Pillager raids are a type of event in which villages will experience attacks in several waves. This is due to a player entering the village with the Bad Omen effect. The attack includes hostile mobs such as Pillagers, a mob similar to villagers with crossbows; Vindicators, Pillagers with Axes; Ravagers, a large cow like mob that has the face similar to a Pillager; Witches; and Evokers. Raids will end if all waves are completed by the player or all villagers are killed. Fortunately, baby villagers cannot be killed during raids.

To find out more follow Minecraft on twitter or check out the official Minecraft wiki entry for 1.14.