Bad Company – Auto-tune Upgrade


Monday Oct. 1 21:07 | ORB Newsroom – Alliance Affairs

Bad Company is in the news today with two updates to their diplomatic affairs that were first posted up in the alliance announcements section on the Politics & War Forums. Kevanovia, current Director of Foreign Affairs in BC said “We found some new talent and also added auto-tune on some of our old tracks,” in the announcement.

In normal and anticipated Bad Company style, the Orbis Community was graced with the famous treaty artwork created by Kilo.


First up on the playlist was the Rough Riders upgrade which was originally sitting as an ODoAP for quite a long time. “The RR treaty was way overdue, they’ve long been great friends,” Kevanovia told Orbis Weekly. We know that Rough Riders have had a tough break, but they pushed through and managed to secure themselves and their plan – it would only make sense for Bad Company to follow through with an upgrade to Mutual.

Have you seen Rough Riders new flag? Check it out here.

Next up to be announced was the addition of an Animation Domination treaty – in the form of an Optional Defense Optional Aggression Pact.


It is not surprising that Bad Company and Animation Domination would lock eyes eventually. Especially considering both allies of Bad Company – The Island and Rough Riders – are Mutually allied to Animation Domination through the Paradise Bloc. Kevanovia tells us that, “AD is another really solid group of folks that we are happy to be formally tied to.”

The overall comments of the announcement are ones of welcome and cheer even though Kilo, BC’s cover artist, still hasn’t found his black crayon. Kevanovia tell us they are “super happy that both of these squads are people that we can call friends.”