Bad Company Gets Spooky

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ORB Images: BC Employee Going to Work

Pre-Written Thursday Oct. 4 03:50 | ORB Newsroom – Community Desk

If you know Bad Company and you’ve been in their server you got the scoop already that BC is jumping into the Halloween spirit and going all out this month. We first noticed a few name changes and then (insert jump scare) they changed their discord server logo.

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It kinda resembles, what we believe to be, a pumpkin – BC Executives were not immediately available to comment on what its supposed to be…we’ll just settle with pumpkin and henceforth call BC Pumpkin Records for the remainder of this article. Pumpkin Records, as stated before, called on their government and members to start changing their names for their Halloween costume identities. Their leader, Alexio, is being Niklaus (Klaus) Mikaelson from the hit TV series “The Vampire Diaries.” DarkKnight changed his name to Batman – original AF – and a few others have followed suit and we even see some foreign friends getting in on the action.

bad company
Bad Company’s Halloween Flag

“[Pumpkin Records] is running a Spooktober event where people can change their names and Avatar on the Server.” Alexio..ahem…Klaus told us. PR is also going to be kicking off a horror themed quiz night starting the week of the 22nd – which is available to the public, so if that’s your thing, get your spooky little ghost butts over there.

Klaus also told us that they are working on kicking off even more events as we go through October.

Are you doing anything fun for Halloween with your alliance? Let us know – we’d love to write about it.

You can join the Pumpkin Records discord server here.