BCVPA – no, this is not a brand new healthcare plan we are offering our ORB Members, nope, this is a ‘new’ protectorate system designed by Bad Company and recently used and agreed upon by The Underground & Bad Company. VPA simply means, Venture Protectorate Agreement.

A risky or daring journey or undertaking whilst being controlled by another state in a negotiated and typically legally binding arrangement between both parties.

First thoughts?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of change and innovation. Protectorate agreements have always been the same since I can remember – even as far back as 2007 in the Cybernation good old days. You got a small alliance who wants to be given a chance, so they get a bigger alliance to watch over them, aid them, help them grow. If they work out, they negotiate an upgrade or move out on their own, if they completely suck ass and are worthless – they get kicked to the curb and thrown into the grinding machine.

This is not the case with the BCVPA. This agreement works pretty close to the traditional standards of a protection arrangement, but it adds 2 different points.

  1. The alliance being protected has 90 days to grow their group. After 60 days, if they have not experienced at least 20% in Nation Score Growth, they are obligated to merge into Bad Company. If they maintain or suffer a loss of Nation Score and/or members after 30 days, they are also obligated to merge into Bad Company.
    1. Bad Company can extend this agreed upon deadline.
  2. Bad Company holds the right to upgrade this treaty to a ODP. If Bad Company chooses to upgrade this VPA into an ODP, it shall take effect immediately.

So, it would seem that they are going to be keeping tabs on their protectorates and if they don’t grow, refuse to grow, can’t grow – they have to merge into Bad Company under obligation. What if they just decide “fuck it” – we aren’t merging? Lucifer Morningstar of Bad Company states that the last time he checked, it was a “valid CB.” – so BC will have proper CB for alliance who breaks BCVPA – however – Kevanovia, who is the actual brains behind this new ‘radical’ agreement says: “We aren’t looking to force people to Join BC. The goal is to get rid of the VPA-signee if they don’t achieve their goals and decrease the amount of garbo-micros (rude af) and hopefully have a positive impact on Orbis.” Kev continues to say that “if the members don’t join BC they aren’t going to be chased down. We wouldn’t want people in BC that wouldn’t want to be here.”

So, basically what you just heard seems like a bunch of bullshit. First we are told it’s a valid cb – so they’d essentially just be destroying any protectorate that doesn’t want to join the ranks of BC upon obligation breach. Then, we are told that even though the goal is to rid the world of garbo-micros, they will not be chasing any of them down if they decide to break an obligation – if they don’t want to join, they don’t have to.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Kev – I love a few of them BC guys, but are pretty swell. I’m not picking at this BCVPA simply out of anger, I would just prefer the straight and narrow story of the actual intentions – if you’re gonna fuck an alliance up if they have an obligation breach, then say it – say you’re gonna fuck them up. Nobody will care, it’s a micro – but don’t preach that this is a new and innovative way to clean the streets of Orbis and then back pedal to a pussy foot way of “nah its ok, if they don’t wanna join its ok.”

Fuck. Them. Up.

I spoke to the potential fuck-ees over at The Underground – wanted to get their view on this BCVPA, see if they understood possible fucking would be at their door & if they were sober and coherent when agreeing to the obligations written within the BCVPA. Leftbehind told us that the BCVPA makes sense to him. “I have the opinion that unorganized and incompetent micros ruin the game.”

The Underground currently sits rank 80, 780 average nation strength, 1 vacation mode member, 1 beige, 3 gray out of 13 total members with 2 nations sitting red diamond (active in last 7 days.)

In his defense, while talking to me his son decided to be an asshole, so there could have been some pretty heavy distraction.


All jokes aside, Leftbehind says that his ego leads him to believe that he won’t have an alliance fail to meet the growth requirements agreed upon in this BCVPA. “If I did [fail] I’d have to suck up my pride. If we can’t make 20% growth then we don’t deserve to exist.” When asked about being potentially fucked up by BC if they decide to break obligation and not merge, Leftbehind says “We did discuss it and it’s more of an offer to membership to have a safe, stable home. If we walked away then we break our word and they could choose to take action against us.”

Well – ain’t that swell.

The truth here is that BC is trying something new. Whether or not the ultimate end goal is to clean the streets or bolster their ranks with more members on a forced merge, is up in the air – and nobody really cares. You can’t really say you’re gonna clean house and at the same time let micros go if they decide to breach the agreed upon obligation – there has to be some type of fuckery.

I think stating this BCVPA agreement is something new and world-changing is a bit of a stretch. There will always be micros and there will always be plenty of alliances that will take on those micros without insane obligations. Dropping a micro off into the cesspool really isn’t that big of a deal and if you get your head out of the MACRO game, you can literally open your eyes to the fact that micros really don’t do anything to fuck your gameplay up – they operate within their own world and do the same shit you do, just on a bit of a smaller scale and slightly a bit more immature.

I think one of the biggest things that snags me on this BCVPA is the language used, there is a lot that could immediately turn off future protectorates from signing with BC. The ODP upgrade system seems forced as well. I believe the ODP clause should be removed and any upgrades should be traditionally negotiated between the signatories. If that protectorate doesn’t feel comfortable leaving protection status or doesn’t want to upgrade or be tied with BC (say they are moving in a different FA direction) then they are basically forced ODP – sure its optional – but that just makes it even more pointless to house within the agreement.

Going forward, I do not foresee many alliances aligning with BC with this protectorate offer. A better worded, better structured agreement with outlined benefits and removal of the forced ODP would open a lot more doors – if I had a micro alliance (well, small alliance with like no NS and beginner status experience) I would likely not sign this agreement. Which, BC could argue that it acts as a filter to sort out alliances that actually want to succeed…but, like…

  • Creates VPA to rid Orbis of garbo-micros (this is bullet-point #1)
  • Doesn’t fuck them up if they fail to merge upon obligatory merge agreement
  • Says they don’t wanna force anyone to join them if they don’t want to
  • Read bullet-point #1
  • Uses potential excuse that limited signing of VPA is ok bc it filters out the shit alliances. (this didn’t happen yet)
  • Read bullet-point #1

BCVPA could be a great new addition to the web of agreements we currently have, but it needs a bit more spice – I say, revise it, try again. Although, it is great that The Underground is willing to work with BC to try this agreement out – knowing that it isn’t perfect and there could be changes.

I wish both signatories luck. Peace.