Prefontaine – ORB Interview


The ORB Interview

Featuring: Prefontaine – The Infamous!

Each week Orbis Weekly will produce a number of interviews that we send out to people all over the world. The idea behind the ORB Interview is to shed a little light on people, especially ones we think the world of Orbis should know more about.The questions will range from basic, random, and relevant.

Prefontaine and I go way back. Back to the start of this game when Guardian was a big man on campus. Guardian was the first alliance I was in here on Orbis – those were the better times. Prefontaine and I, through political channels and all that wound up always around each other and later on we found out we shared the same city in real life, even kinda-sorta worked together… he’s got the meat.

Orbis Weekly: Can you tell me a bit about your PW history? (where you started here, etc)

Prefontaine:  I came over here as a favor to Malone in Alpha. He has this little cult that was totally not a cult that had a handful of us 4-5 I think. We ran around raiding everyone spreading the “light” and being silly. Did the same in the speed round. I had been in Guardian for years and years, typically as their leader. Guardian was sort of falling apart around this time due to several factors so I stepped in and took over along with the other cultists. Through political maneuverings we won the first real sphere war in this game, “Marionette”. There were a couple little spats after that, one of the silliest being the Rothschild incident. After that it was clear Guardian was sitting on top of the game and was going to keep being there if I stayed at the helm. So I left. When I left I went on a raiding spree as Santa Claus and Judge Dredd. Racked up #1 on the leaderboard for everything war related by a large margin accumulated 6 or 7 treasures in my nation. I was a war wrecking machine. After that I landed in Alpha where I planned on sitting back and doing nothing for a while, but the leader made several decisions I didn’t agree with and left after a fun little war. That’s when I found myself in TEst. I had known this alliance for a long long time and was planning on being a happy little grunt, however within a month of joining the leadership quit and plopped it on my lap. Having had a break from doing such with Guardian I decided to give it a whirl. We had one of the more infamous years in this game any alliance has had. We fought with and against the pirates, hunted the whales and neutrals, merged with Sparta to create the original dominant top-tier only AA at the time.

We warred my previous alliance Alpha, Pantheon, TFP, and then fought over half of the game at once. Never got beige during that time and ended up coming out of it with around 1.5B in cash and prizes due to Sheepy’s shit war system. Before the Pantheon hit TEst was going to split up into 3-4 alliances after we got rolled. We knew a rolling was coming sooner or later because there was a dominant sphere and they were scared of our tier size. Those alliances were going to be lead by several senior members and TEst was probably going to be about 10 or so members afterwards instead of the 45ish we had that got us to the #1 spot again, for me, which I hate. So going into the rolling TEst was going to be splitting up the band and I had gotten a new job about a month prior and was going to not have time to devote to the game so I had planned on quitting shortly after. Thus on my way out, I trolled, I mocked, I insulted just about everyone I could during the last little spat because I knew it didn’t matter. I didn’t plan on coming back, and I’m only back for a little. Just taking care of a few things.

Orbis Weekly: Have you played any other simulation games in the past that may have led you to PW?

Prefontaine: Started in Lunar Wars, then Galava, then Resist or Be Terminated, then The-Fall, then Cybernations and Project Terra were around the same time, the there was this other small, very bad game that I can’t remember the name of atm. Basically Guardian was the top dog there by far but the game admin tried to fuck us over so we declared war on the game then left after basically winning the war. Now Politics and War.

Orbis Weekly: Which alliances were you in over at Cybernations?

Prefontaine: Symphony, a small but well-coordinated alliance which was lead with a Quadumvirate. After that group disbanded I went to Non Grata.

Orbis Weekly: What is your current role within your PW alliance? Are you happy with that role?

Prefontaine: I’m the captain. I run the whole shebang. I’m not happy with it because politics in this game are shit because people are too rooted in their roles. They only ally friends and only fight once or twice a year. Ally enemies. Fight friends. Created a more kinetic political environment instead of the stagnation we have out of laziness.

Orbis Weekly: Any thoughts on the next Global War? Who do you think will be directly involved?

Prefontaine:  TEst will probably take part in it in some manner or another. I think it will kick off with silly DoW videos and bullshit CBs.

Orbis Weekly: How do you feel about the Giant NAP ending on October 18th?

Prefontaine:  The only thing that will make it a good thing, is if there’s a giant DoW to celebrate immediately after.

Orbis Weekly: Obviously you know that Alex is the game admin, what are your thoughts on him and his development practices?

Prefontaine:  I’ve spoken at length about Alex be it on forum posts, IRC/Discord, my old radio show, other radio shows. Alex is a kid with good intentions, no spine, no vision, and extreme laziness. Several times he’s said something to the effect of “give me easy suggestions to fix a problem because I won’t do the hard ones”. That sums up the problem and inevitable death of this game. Alex doesn’t want to put in actual work. There’s plenty of things he could have done to fix problems that could’ve taken a lot of time to code, but instead he just applied a quick bandage. And when you have 200 small problems all held together with bandages instead of actually fixing a problem, you’re fucked and the game’s going to be unsalvageable. He often jumps on ideas he THINKs will be amazing but designs them in such a horrible way that virtually no fucks are given. Baseball, treasures, color stocks are prime examples of shitty design of a concept that could’ve been something much more important. His biggest failing is that he doesn’t know how to problem solve. He wants to fix the problem of “there’s no incentive for war”, at one point, his solution was treasures which would virtually never compensate even remotely the cost of an alliance war. He comes up with solutions that aren’t the solution for a problem he wants to fix and often then create a new problem to which he tries to fix with something that doesn’t address THAT problem. I’ll end this rant here.

Orbis Weekly: What do you think about PW Forum Moderation – what could be better?

Prefontaine:  It’s shit, it’s always been shit and it will always be shit as long as Alex is in charge. It’s not solely alex’s fault. A lot of the mods that have existed here are terrible, but combine that with having a mental cripple at the wheel makes it even worse.

Orbis Weekly: Is there anything you’d like to tell our readers that you think they should know?

Prefontaine: Most players of these games coast along not taking part in what makes these games interesting, the behind the scenes stuff. It can be daunting to jump in with people who’ve been doing this shit for as long as some of us have, but take the plunge. It makes things interesting and new blood is always needed. Sure, yours might get spilled, but it also might start pumping. Remember this is a game.

Orbis Weekly: What is one thing you love doing in RL?

Prefontaine: Smoking meats. I only choose that one because I randomly post my meat (hot) on TEst’s discord and it seemed liked I should try to tie something that I share in the game as well.

Well I won’t pretend that I am a stranger to your meat ( haha ), but that sure is a great RL activity, especially if you know what you’re doing. Thanks for coming along and not being  a complete shit bag like Ronny D – your interview is greatly appreciated.


Disclaimer: Some questions from ORB Interviews may not make it to publication due to substance, answer given, or the subject matter no longer maintaining relevance.