Serephiel/Emperor – ORB Interview


The ORB Interview

Featuring: Serephiel/Emperor (Previously Fistandantilus) – Leader of Pantheon

Each week Orbis Weekly will produce a number of interviews that we send out to people all over the world. The idea behind the ORB Interview is to shed a little light on people, especially ones we think the world of Orbis should know more about.The questions will range from basic, random, and relevant.

This week we have reached out to Serephiel who is the Titan (Leader) of the 5th largest alliance in the game, Pantheon. Those who know Serephiel know that he has a history within Politics & War and was originally known as Fistandantilus. Here is his interview with Orbis Weekly:

Orbis Weekly: Can you tell me a bit about your PW history?

Serephiel: This could be a few paragraphs if I let it. My first play through I was an arrgh raider until Belisarius got me to join Rose, and eventually ended up in TS . From there I wanted to get into gov and get more involeved in PnW, but they had no openings, and then I created Pantheon Ha. Getting Panthoen to number 1 is a story on it’s own, but eventually I left the game, came back again as a raider, Lordship eventually convinced me to join TKR, and then I ended up in Panth again to try and save it when the old leadership was going to kill it. 

Orbis Weekly: Have you played any other simulation games? Cybernations perhaps?

Serephiel: Just CN, had a very high tech nation there for some time, in the top 20 if I remember right, was MoD for most of it in a smaller alliance (120 people was a small CN alliance back then ha), and retired into the GPA at some point, and helped them sort out the DBDC mess when they didn’t know how to handle it.

Orbis Weekly: What is your current role within your PW alliance? Are you happy with it?

Serephiel: Leader, and yeah, it’s exciting 😀

Orbis Weekly: Any thoughts on the next Global War? Who do you think will be involved?

Serephiel: Things are certainly interesting now, but it’s always impossible to tell how those go down.

Orbis Weekly: How do you feel about the Giant NAP ending on October 18th?

Serephiel: No strong feelings wither way.

Orbis Weekly: Pineapple on pizza?

Serephiel: Heresy

Thank you Serephiel for taking time out of your busy day to answer a few questions!

Disclaimer: Some questions from ORB Interviews may not make it to publication due to substance, answer given, or the subject matter no longer maintaining relevance.