[UNITY] on Orbis

Just like a real-life society, there come times where there seems to be an increase in exposure of certain topics – these can change from politics, war, and even the type of new fad diet you should be on. Everywhere you look you’ll find something that directly relates to the topic, continuously exposing you until one day you wake up and it’s like it never happened – for Orbis, that’s racism.

Racism has always lurked the shadows of Politics & War, an online simulation game, just like it does pretty much everywhere a network of people are pushed together to form a community. Communities that bridge grouped networks from all over the world coming together in one spot, there is bound to be some difference in opinion and beliefs which generally leads to what we are here to talk about, Racism on Orbis.

There have been many instances and reports of racism, but for this story let’s go back in time – nearly a year ago, August 2018. Thalmor, of Knights Templar, placed a bounty that was considered offensive on another player, Queen M. The bounty was placed as “1488000” – most of us might not think twice about the bounty, but what it actually meant was 14/88 which is a reference to the fourteen-word white supremacist slogan “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.” – now assumably and widely known, Thalmor is white and Queen M is not. One of the main reasons this particular case attracted a lot of attention was because Queen M found out who sent the bounty when bounties through the game are supposed to be anonymous. Long story short here, Alex – game admin/owner – shared this information to Queen M, we won’t go deep into that side of the story, but if you’d like to check that out you can do so by visiting this thread.

Today, we focus our light on another Knights Templar nation – Muhammad Johnson of Adraya. A quick look at this player’s nation and you’ll find a somewhat satirical hit for anyone looking to throw a flag on racism, antisemitism, or the like. Some interesting notions that we have found during our investigation have been the interesting city names, one being “Einsatzgruppen” which was a paramilitary death squad of Nazi Germany responsible for mass killings in Germany-occupied Europe. Earlier today, June 6th, Adraya attacked no other than Queen M who now goes by Cardi B-adu in-game with the declaration reason of “I’ll get the tree if u get the rope.”


Regardless of your opinion of Queen M, who did catch a lot of flack a year ago with the Thalmor issue, these types of actions within this community should cause us to question – what is right and what is wrong – or more, what is appropriate? We could go up and down and label every instance of complaint with ‘you’re an SJW’ or throw the liberal card into the mix and just keep telling people to get thicker skin, but when we cut through the thick of all that bullshit, we get to the point where we should truly decide as a community. What if the argument was flipped? What if you felt truly attacked? We all come from different walks of life and have had our own trials and tribulations – why do we fight each other at this level?

This isn’t about creating more of a divide – mass media and politicians across the world do enough of that for us. We have all developed this world of Orbis together – across political boundaries, country regulations, opinions, beliefs, and even language barriers. Together, we have brought this game to where we stand today and together we can choose to actually build a more positive and accepting community. This isn’t to say that we can’t joke, we can’t have fun – actual satire is fine and reminds you of your base and where you stand. It also isn’t to say that you can’t have an opinion that differs from someone else, a religion that is different or a belief that is different – however – deliberate attacks on specific people, groups, cultures in an attempt to troll, be negative, or look cool with your buds shouldn’t be tolerated – we as a community can stop that.

This post also isn’t to paint a negative picture of Politics & War, but more to motivate a sense of urgency to its game admin and the moderation staff – do something, you’re here to protect the community, its time to fulfill your commitment.

We built this community, let us UNITE and make sure it remains our community, together.

Bezzers did report this war declaration to moderators at about 1840 CST.  About an hour ago (2240 CST) Alex, Game Admin, issued a nation strike against the offender.

It is worth noting for this post that we did reach out to the leader of Adraya who used this declaration reason and did not have a response, at the time of writing this article this player was active within 2 hours.


Update: The player in question did respond at 22:32 CST.

It’s a Trap! – tHe BiGgEsT aPriL fOoLs jOke

If you’re reading this you’re either super happy, don’t care, or pretty pissed off. You were led to believe that there was a giant update coming to the Politics & War game, but in reality it ended up being an April Fool’s joke – April Fools my friends.

All of us at ORB Gaming hope you can remove your anger, if you have it, and understand that this joke was all in good fun. It would never be our intention to make the community we have developed and the greater Politics & War community upset – so here’s the rundown of how this joke came to fruition.

We were all hanging out in an undisclosed discord server, I (MadMax) thought it would be cool to see what the PW platform would look like with a more updated and modern GUI – so I got to work. In just about an hour of diddling around with different looks, I had the home page set up and then a light bulb lit up – Let’s make an April Fools joke.

I enlisted the help of fellow friends and started spamming Alex with messages. Nah, for real though I got Alex on board and we started developing a timeline for systematic breadcrumbs of information to be dropped closer to the new monthly update for Politics & War.

One one hand, I didn’t think that this GUI would be taken seriously, with no offense to Alex, he has been busy and creating a brand new UI would take some time. The man has a hugely active RL and this isn’t something you can just put together over night…I mean unless you make a fake version on photoshop in like 2 hours max.

Here is our first timeline for this project, the original plan was to utilize a bot to send out a mass message about the update information, but to keep it a bit more realistic, we kept it by word of mouth and put some of this project weight on Alex where we developed a bit of our own timeline. Alex would drop some information to other sources, handle some questions from the community, change the official PW discord server icon to match the previewed theme AND he even created a page with all the update information that pushed to every nation in the game upon monthly update on the 1st.

To ease some of your minds, while setting this up with Alex, he did like the idea of a GUI change and said that it has been on a bit of a back burner, per se, for a while. He stated that once he graduates and has some more free time in RL, he’d be sitting down to figure some things out. I know a lot of us, a lot of you, have concerns over mechanics – ideas for the game – etc, definitely keep a cool mind. Think out your ideas, get as much feedback from the community and present a fully formed idea to Alex via the suggestion thread on the PW Forums.

I just want to thank you all for being good sports, I want to personally thank Alex for helping us out and joining in on the fun. I couldn’t have done this without the help of my trusty April Fool’s Hype Squad:

  • Caanite
  • Charlie Traveler
  • Dr. Robbins
  • Gatorcock
  • Kevanovia
  • Pika
  • TheRebelMan
  • Zevfer
  • Hannah

You guys hold a special place in my heart for helping keep the hype alive and pull of one of the best April Fools Jokes Politics & War has ever seen. One thing that I wanted to point out that nobody noticed was a small detail on the one screen we showed y’all. This is the screen shot of the homepage that we sent out to y’all.

If you looked closer at the details you’d see the bottom left indicated ‘Red Street Entertainment’ the company Alex created is called ‘Red Road Entertainment’ – check it out:


Politics & War Overhaul (PWv2) and More

It has been a few weeks since ORB Gaming first dropped some news about a potential new update coming by way of Alex in Politics & War. In that time, we have worked close with Alex – Game Admin – to gather as much information as we can for you so that you know what to expect when these changes come active on the next PW monthly update.

The Overhaul

Over the course of Politics & War’s history, there has been minor changes, updates tied into some giant overhauls – but we don’t think there has been anything quite like this and we are pleased to be the first Politics & War news source to drop this information on you – thanks to Alex for being insanely candid with us during our pursuit for further information.

We know y’all have waited for some time for this news, so let’s get right into the thick of it. Coming next monthly update, the Politics & War you have logged into every day is about to change – almost entirely. Alex, with some help from Mad Max and other community members, have worked hard to create a better graphical user interface or GUI that would not only support the current structure of the game, but also provide tremendous modern elements to bring Politics & War into the current era.

For some time, nation simulation games have been nothing but a skeleton structure holding text, numbers and a few images for customization purposes – now we can take a step into a modern GUI together, with more options for customization as the development for these changes continue to be updated.

Before we take a look, Alex would like us to remind you that this update is not 100% complete, therefore what you see may be different from the final product, but being that we have seen and used a workable GUI format with Alex, the finished product will not be incredibly different from what we have to show you. Changes you could expect would be text, color, and different image placements.

Politics & War ‘Home’ Page View

We know, we know – this looks absolutely frickin incredible. The entire site has received an overhaul in not only the way it looks, but how all players interact with the website itself. Here are a few highlights that we love.

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  • The left navigation menu slides in from the left and will be extremely fluid and responsive with whatever device you choose to log-in with. This menu acts just like the current menu, but has a bit more flair + adds in some sweet social media icons, including the wikia (does anyone use that) for quick access.
  • The top bar has an RSS feed scrolling and works on mobile devices just as well as in-browser on your laptop and PC. We tested this site with PC, Laptop, Android, and iPhone.
    • Included in this top bar will be your user/account tab which opens up a little drop down menu with access to all your account information.
    • Additionally, check out the ‘frequently used’ icons that you can tap or click to bring you right to some frequent places that we all go to daily.
  • Additionally Alex has installed awesome notification bubbles on the bottom right (that also work on mobile) which allow you quick access to your messages, alerts and notifications.

One of the coolest things that has been added with this update is the chat box to the right side of the screen. This sidebar will always appear while browsing any page in Politics & War. The Chat Box is very simple, you can either chat globally or you can chat with specific trade requests for a real-time trade negotiation. Those who chat should be able to click the username of the participant and go directly to their nation page. It is unknown whether this chat box feature will hold any type of auto-moderation or will be watched over by current PW Moderators.

Politics & War ‘Nation’ Page View

Oh boy, tons of information here – we will let you check out what Alex provided with his information boxes, but damn – what an overhaul! Alex deliberately kept us in the dark for most of this overhaul for nation pages & refused to show us a video preview or even scroll down!…but from what he did tell us is there will be a number of new ways to customize your nation page (and alliance pages) to make them truly unique with this new responsive GUI…so get them credits ready!

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One of the major changes we want to point out with this is the main information box for your nation. You’ll be able to select your own background for your nation, your awards will appear below your flag – which standout pretty damn amazingly – and your other unique nation information will be below allowing you to ‘mouse over’ for more info on each image. Of the things we dislike, the new menu system. The menu is responsive to either your tap or mouse click – so some of the text seems to be hidden. It is definitely modern, but this seemed like a slight back-step in this new, modern update. We did tell Alex what we thought about that and he said he would wait for further feedback once this update becomes live. If you were with us when we leaked information about Achievements being added into the game, we believe those will come along with this update and will be within the main nation information box on top as well, but we will see.

PWv2 Going Mobile

Still wondering what it will look like on mobile? Alex provided us with an iPhone mock-up of what PW might look like on mobile. We say might because Alex did tell us he was still tweaking some sizing and layout for the mobile GUI. For the most part, it seems to work fine from what we tested – there were a few little items that seemed a bit clunky and we did notice that the nation info did lay over the map, probably an error, but likely would be fixed upon launch. The menu will be able to select or deselect basically making it a menu drawer for your nation. One of the major changes here, which due to our previous complaint, the menu will actually open up in a drop down-type format that allows you to select what page you want to go to on your nation. Even if some things get moved around slightly, we can still all agree that this GUI is a tremendous step forward for the Politics & War community and with all the customization Alex is promising, we are looking forward to what you all come up with dressing up your nation and alliance pages.

Alex declined to comment on how the GUI would look for all the popular places like trading, war screens, account pages, etc – but he did confirm that this GUI change starts at the roots and works its way to the top, so we can expect some pretty awesome things there – gone are the text and number cells and blocky images! Alex also did confirm that the credit portal will also be updated for all to use within this new GUI with ‘less clunky system for buying and using credits’ in the game.

Check out the full gallery here for a closer look without the information boxes clogging up all the GUI Action.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We know many of you were inquiring about possible mechanics updates, changes to the econ-system and military. We cannot comment with certainty that there will be mechanical changes with this new GUI update – we can say that this new update would pave space for Alex to actually push changes to the game quite often. This update comes to fruition due to Alex putting a bit more focus on the community due to changes in RL – he has said that once RL clears up a bit more, there will be more to see here for all of us in Politics & War.

Talking with members of the community after our publish of this article has been a bit of a 50/50 likeness for this update. Many players expected a bit more, others think this UI update shouldn’t have taken priority, while others are looking forward to some modern looking changes. For those of you who use bots and access API, there might be some issues when this update goes live. While talking with Dynamic, one of the players who uses bots quite frequently in this game he said “While a GUI update will help make the game more marketable, it does little to fix the mechanical issues of the game. This is also another massive blow to the programming community in PnW. A substantial interface update will require developers to completely overhaul their scripts again since most went to parsing the actual webpages instead of using the API. If changes like this continue, I imagine we will see more developers (including myself) lax on developing new programs until a stable UI and API finally arrive. I don’t know how long that will take.”

Pika said “Neat.”

If you have any questions pertaining to this update or want to voice your opinion to be included in any updates of this story, feel free to reach out to us. Thank you for sticking with us while we compiled all of this information into one simple post for y’all – definitely cannot wait to get some action into the finished produce and we can’t wait for you all to experience it too!