Credit Overhaul – Exclusive


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Sunday Sep. 30 18:16 | ORB Newsroom – Game Development

There are only 30 days in September and if you’ve been around here a bit you know that the 1st of every month marks the famous ‘changelog’ update we all receive on your nation pages. Usually, this page will follow the basic format, something along the lines of “Hey its a new month so buy some credits…”  and occasionally we are met with some great changes to the game – but let’s be honest, most times they are changes we didn’t ask for.

Today, Orbis Weekly has learned that there will be a slight overhaul to the credit system. If you don’t know what credits are for Politics & War – they are units that you can buy with your real-life cash to improve your nation. These credits allow you to get some extra cash or resources for your nation, infrastructure, and gets you on the path to total customization of your nation pretty much. Currently, the system is set to allow you to purchase as many credits as you want, but you can only use 10 per month if you’re looking to get any physical nation boosts – you can use over the 10 limit if you’re spending credits on cosmetic purchases to customize your nation.

Alex informed Orbis Weekly this morning that they are going to start offering discounted pricing on Credits for nation that are over 60 days old and haven’t made any credit purchases in the last 90 days. If you head over to the credit purchasing page you’ll see a notification (see green box) stating that you are eligible to purchase some discounted credits, check it out:unknownOrbis weekly reached out to Alex, game developer, to see if there were going to be any further changes when update to October 1st rolls around, “nothing you can leak yet, no :P” he told us. We will be the first to dig deep into any further changes as they develop – count on Orbis Weekly.

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