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A few months ago, Cyberpunk 2077 was all over the internet with its debut trailer and then shortly after that, CD Projekt Red sent out their 40+ minute gameplay video to show you what exactly the world of Cyberpunk 2077 looks like and what exactly its all about – then, it fell off the map. Likely due to its extended launch timeline and other big name games hitting the shelf. So, when is the release date?

Even though 2018 brought us bounds of information about the game at E3 2018, ORB found no official release date for the game – yet – but we did find some awesome information that could point towards a possible release. An article published by PCGamesN says that in December of 2016, CD Projekt Red received ‘sizeable funding’ from the Polish government to “research new game techniques that have been dubbed ‘seamless multiplayer’, ‘animation excellence’, ‘cinematic feel’, and ‘city creation.'” This funding also came with a deadline – sometime in 2019.

If you check out the video above and the aforementioned 40+ minute gameplay video, you can likely assume that this funding went into this game – you have all the features that were claimed to be for research packed into this title. In addition, PCGamesN reported that the goal is to get this game on current-generation consoles. All signs are pointing towards a 2019 release, but if you scroll through the  CD Projekt Red news feeds and social media – you won’t really see anything that screams a launch date or expected launch date – you really only see that they are looking for applications to join the dev team for the title.

On January 23rd, news came out that Blizzard hired the top writer for Cyberpunk 2077, Sebastian Stepian, away from CD Projekt Red – but there is no news on whether or not this delayed the launch of Cyberpunk 2077 – and currently, it is possibly still being worked on in the background and will release whenever it can be delivered to shelves finished.

ORB thinks, due to the departure of Stepian from the team and the silence across the board for updates on the game itself, we are going to be looking for a Q4 2019 launch date – which gives us an October 1st-December 31st 2019 window.


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