Cyberpunk 2077 – When it’s Ready

It has been almost six months since Projekt Red debuted 48 minutes of official gameplay which sparked interest all over the world and yet still no word on an official release or major updates from the game developers. A scroll through @CDPROJEKTRED and @CyberpunkGame shows a tremendous amount of support for the game and stunning visuals from the development team – including pieces that fans have made – but nothing heavy pertaining to the game progression itself.

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What is Cyberpunk 2077?

The game looks to be a massive, super detailed and deep RPG with shooter elements added. You will be able to pick your characters starting stats with a few other features that allow you to pick or build your story for that character, which is said to play a role in the progression of your game. Unlike most games of this type, there are no classes in the game that will allow you certain abilities – but you will be able to continuously modify your character stats and customize your character to fit your play style or the mission you’re about to take part in.

The year is 2077 so expect some futuristic visuals to pop up on your screen when/if this game comes to a launch stage – we are set in a dystopian megacity called ‘Night City’ which, through the gameplay shows flying vehicles, giant buildings, and a whole lot to interact with.

During the gameplay footage we see that there are a few groups or factions that have positioned themselves throughout the city, the basic idea here is you’ll be bouncing back and forth through these factions running jobs and missions to survive and of course to build up your character and your team stats. In the released footage you work with a faction leader named Drax who gives you a job to retrieve some stolen military equipment for him – but you are also faced with other elements, the government and another faction. We see that you can pretty much decide how you want to handle the jobs you take and these options are not necessarily linear, but whatever you do will have impact on your story as you progress.

One of the coolest features we saw was the tech upgrades you can get on your character, in the gameplay the character gets an optic upgrade which allows the player to zoom in, scan objects, and have better visuals. We are told that there will be several optional upgrades for you to choose from – thus designing your character to be a weapon of its own.

There is still no release date, but many theories are pushing for a quarter 4 2019 release (later this year) – the world looks stunning and running through an RPG game that is set in the future with as many feature dynamics as this one is a game to be excited about.