Dive Deep with Anthem

Dive into an unfinished world ravaged by the Anthem, an energy source of pure creation that causes catastrophic disasters, violent storms, and terrifying mutations. Unleash your power with the javelins, suits of armor that give you superhuman abilities and help you fight back against overwhelming odds.

If you’re a gamer like us, you’ve likely heard of the upcoming sci-fi action game Anthem – developed by BioWare and being published by Electronic Arts – slotted for release worldwide on February 22nd this year.

Today, EA dropped their first video of the gameplay series which outlines everything you need to know about the world you’ll be playing in, the powers you’ll have, and everything you’ll be up against while navigating Anthem.


The Story

The Legion of Dawn fought back deadly forces centuries ago and created a haven for their people to live in – but while humanity lives comfortably within their safe and protected home, the dangers outside continue to grow. An old enemy called the Dominion is on the rise and is threatening the peace Legion of Dawn created. As a Freelancer you are an elite javelin pilot and it is your job to protect Fort Tarsis, your friends and your family. You will team up and venture outside the walls of your home and put a stop to the rise of the Dominion.

Your Home

Your home is a fortified settlement called Fort Tarsis and it will serve as your operations center. Here, you will interact with characters from all walks of life and push through the story line of the game. You can pick up contracts from different factions, upgrade your javelins in the Forge, and more as you develop your character. Your home is named after the leader of the Legion of Dawn – General Helena Tarsis – and is one of several cities built after the Legion unshackled humanity from the evils that engulfed their world.

Your Team

Just like most games of this type, you are outfitted with a team to help you progress through the game – a team with select abilities to boost you outcome in the battles ahead. Here are the descriptions for your team taken from the official Anthem site:

  • Owen is an optimistic and ambitious young cypher who’s learning the trade at your side. He can get himself in trouble in his urge to prove himself but is always enthusiastic and vital to the success of your missions.
  • Faye is a mysterious cypher who comes from a prestigious background. She is fascinated by the Anthem of Creation and driven to learn more about it, to the point that her personal relationships have suffered.
  • Haluk is a grumpy but dedicated Freelancer who keeps your javelin in working order. He’s a legend in the Freelancer world and your begrudging mentor, though he hasn’t suited up himself in quite a while.

To explain a few things there – a Cypher is a human who is gifted with and rigorously trained in the ability to communicate mentally over long distances. They also hold the abilities to do complex analytical calculations and process incredible amounts of information and will serve you in a support role with information and analysis throughout your expeditions – hence Faye’s incredible devotion towards the Anthem of Creation…and speaking of that, the Anthem of Creation is an unknowable force and source of pure creation – the Shapers harnessed the power of Anthem to create the world as it is, but left their creation unfinished. The Anthem cannot be easily contained and it unleashes world-altering cataclysms and if you try to wield it’s power, you’ll likely end up corrupting yourself. With the rise of the Dominion, it is said that Dominion has discovered a way to harness the power of the Anthem…


The Dominion

Led by the Monitor, a ruthless Dominion commander, the Dominion is a ferocious militaristic society that calls the mountainous North their home. Their main goal is to enslave all of humanity. The Monitor believes he can, in fact, harness the power of the Anthem and use that power to end the ‘needless suffering’ he has witnessed.

Release Date

Are you going to jump into the world of Anthem and take on the Dominion? You can pre-order now and have the game ready for the official launch date of February 22nd for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC – Early Access starts on February 15th for Origin and EA Access members.

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Credit/Sources: EA/Electronic Arts, BioWare, Anthem Wikia

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