Wednesday Oct. 17 2018 | ORB Newsroom – PW Developments

Author: Max
Max has been a moderator for

Politics & War for some time – up until recently. Original identities of his moderator profiles were Four, Frank Castle, and Honey Monster. Logs or words provided within this article are from first hand accounts within moderation channels and experience as PW Staff.

Today we are here to discuss the Wiki/Discord Mod Dr. Rush – is he really even a doctor though? Dr. Rush may or  may not have been a Forum Moderator – could have been, those identities are obviously anonymous and they are not to be discussed for fear of warn points and banning – what a load of shit…regardless of if he was a Forum moderator or not, he would probably be a completely shit one and end up quitting. Instead, he is a wiki mod – who uses the wiki? He is also the big man on campus when it comes to PW Discord Moderation.

A lot of you don’t know this, but, I was the one who originally created the PW Discord and even made the image used for the discord logo. A while after, when Alex seemed to take initiative he decided to ask for ownership because he wanted to get the server verified and all that – so that whole thing is on them. Prior to the arrival of Dr. Rush, Discord was fairly and justly organized and monitored by those who watch over the forum community – some rules were brought over, but for the most part it was a pretty chill zone to hang out in.

After Dr. Rush somehow seized control over it, which probably wasn’t hard because Alex is a pushover when it comes to asking if you can be in charge of something, the discord server became a place of constant restriction and – well just a horrible place to be in.

“It is much better for me to privately invite hand-selected players who have demonstrated their capacity to be patient, helpful, and respectful.”

Alex states the above sentence in a moderation post created by Kastor. Within this post Kastor asks for a better way to choose moderators. Kastor offering the idea of a system where we (the community) would nominate, vote and with Alex’s consent, be confirmed as mods. Alex obviously responded in his normal rude demeanor and thus locked the topic. So, if this “capacity to be patient, helpful, and  respectful’ is the means in which Alex decides who gets to hold moderation powers over his community (that he wants nothing to do with) then how can Dr. Rush – out of all people – be chosen to watch over the growing Discord community for PW?


Here you can see Dr Rush in the VIP channel of the PW Discord – calling all non-VIP users ‘scrubs’. I mean, not the worst thing you can call someone – but why the name calling? Alex himself says that he picks people who are helpful and respectful, yet he puts someone in charge of a verified discord server to handle moderation and to thusly be the face of the business.


In a channel located within the PW Server, which is labeled as #recruitment-and-propaganda – Dr Rush found it necessary to put limits there. What could be assumed to just be a PW ad-spam channel now has prompted restriction. Why? What exactly is the point? Other than imposing further restriction in a test of his superficial powers over an online community that already gets too much restriction on the community forums.

Over the course of his ‘reign’ on the Discord server he has made continual threats in an unprofessional demeanor, does not remain to be patient for anyone, especially new players, and is extremely unhelpful when someone has a question.

So, Alex, where exactly does Dr Rush fit in to your system of selecting moderators?

More to come – until there is change.