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End of a Trashy Era – WMT



aaaaaand that’s a wrap.

ORB Weekly & my own personal article feed, What Max Thinks, has been covering the dumpster fire that is the PW Admin & Moderation team for quite some time. Today, that ends. Some say I might have gone too far – others might say I haven’t gone far enough, but there is no end to this recycling of the moderation topic…it is trash and should remain just that, trash.

For some time I’ve spoken to Alex and other moderators to see if we could troubleshoot the current issues with admin and moderation and find an actual fix – not just a bandaid – that would benefit the community as a whole and not just the admin/moderators. Unfortunately, that is likely to never happen.

The moderation arm of admin will never be as efficient as it once was or as a lot of us hope it can be. The best thing to do is to remove yourself from that community that disallows you to be yourself, engage, and have fun and do your own community building and networking through channels off-site. Hell, that is the main reason we decided to start up ORB Weekly…you simply cannot communicate directly without some moderator breathing down your neck with their ticket book. (looking at you flanders)

This is regardless of the fact that Alex allows a lousy, lyin’, low-down, four flushing carcassĀ like Cynic (Negan/Mad Hatter) maintain his position on the moderation team. Not only is he a moderator that only checks in for that pay check every month, but he’s just an all around walking dumpster fire.

What a great pick for your team Alex – truly – if you just came out to everyone and said you wanted to find the most inefficient, uneducated, bias, small dicked individuals to be on the moderation team now – you’d get a gold fucking star.

The reason I am ending my crusade against Alex and Moderation is because I believe there is enough of you out there who can actually see clearly now. If you know it’s trash, you’ll use other means of communication. You’ll use other means of networking. You’ll use other means of developing a community where people can actually just chill and be themselves.

For all of you out there that haven’t felt the stench-ridden wrath of moderation, wait for it, you’ll see it of smell it soon. Hide your statuses, hide your images, and hide your posts too…cuz they be warnin’ everyone out there.

Good luck Alex.