FN: V7.20 Update & Issues

With the launch of a new update (to any game), there is often a lot of side-effects that the developers don’t intend to have, but they end up popping up anyway. Instead of throwing the list of updates at you just like everyone else out in the Fortnite world does – we decided we’d do things just a tad differently. We’ll throw them at you, but also touch on the issues and possible fixes at this current time, so you can stay up to date!

Battle Royale

  • Sneaky Snowman – Y’all already know what this is.
    • From what ORB can find, there aren’t any real issues with this new addition. The way it is being used, or should be used is pretty balanced – at the same time, people are finding new ways to survive with the Sneaky Snowman.
  • The Block – Omega Pyramid (Directingpete)
  • Although the pyramid originally named ‘storm shield’ by DirectingPete – doesn’t quite look the same as the one put in the live game, it still resembles the model.
    • No issues have been found in relation to the pyramid – unless you call the search for the ‘secrets’ hidden inside the pyramid an issue? Epic Games announced that there are secrets hidden inside¬† – but nothing is visible to be a secret. Here is what the community has thought of:
      • Clearly the dance floor is the secret.
      • The Shield Generator.
      • Pyramid will change its shape overtime to look like the pyramid in the video vs what Epic Games put into Battle Royale.
      • What do you think?
  • Limited Time Mode: Sniper Shootout
    • Added Suppressed Sniper Rifles
    • Legendary Scoped Pistols added to Supply Drops
    • Floor loot spawners reduce by 50%
    • No reviving for duos and squads.
      • No issues found by ORB.
  • Swapped drop chance of Shield Potions & Small Shield Potions.
    • SP From Floor: 16.54% to 13.22%
    • SP From Chest: 14.26% to 9.51%
    • SSP From Floor:13.22% to 16.53%
    • SSP From Chest: 9.51% to 14.26%
  • Vaulted 3 Items
    • Quad Rocket Launcher
      • Finally!
    • Port-A-Fortress
    • Grappler
      • Extremely mixed responses from the Fortnite community on the Grappler being thrown in the vault – some welcomed the removal of the item while others are demanding it be put back in the game or another mobility item added in its place.
  • Reduced the drop chance of Gliders and Balloons in chests.
    • Gliders from 11.89% to 4.43%
    • Balloons from 7.58% to 3.24%
  • Reduced spawn chance of Quad Crashers from 100% to 50%
  • Reduced the spawn chance of X-4 Stormwings from 80% to 50%

Now, let’s talk about the fog – although not mentioned in the update notes, players were faced with some rather annoying weather when they jumped into the game. Fog blanketed the map – which many related to the Ice Storm Event that started on the 19th of this month. Numerous complaints were sent to Epic Games relating to the fog, some players even stated that they are unable to see where they are getting shot from and have been eliminated because they can’t find their target.

How did you feel about the fog?

Like we stated above, the Ice Storm Event kicked off on January 19th.¬† The mysterious ice sphere above the castle courtyard broke open to reveal the Ice king who then blanketed the entire map in snow and Ice Fiends (zombies you have to fight). In addition to this, multiple eggs have been spotted inside Polar Peak’s dungeon and there is a bunker under (former) Happy Hamlet iceberg.

Just like previous updates where Epic Games decided to throw some environmental (zombies) hazards our way, the community was in an uproar – extreme backlash over social media over the way Ice Fiends were spawning into the map – often making playing the game very difficult. In the original settings, spawn rates started low and gradually increased as the game progressed – however – Epic Games came to the community with a hotfix that basically flips those rates. So, now they start higher and slowly decrease through each circle phase. In addition to that, they even increased the Golden Brutes spawn rate by 100%.

Got any feedback we didn’t cover? Comment below!