Fortnite Season 8 – Free Battle Pass

Fortnite has been campaigning hard since the release of Apex Legends – a new and arguably better (or the best) battle royale game on the much saturated market. In recent news from Epic Games, Fortnite is offering a free Season 8 Battle Pass for players who log in and complete 13 ‘Overtime’ challenges – these challenges are available to complete up until February 27th. You can check out how to complete these challenges right here.

The Fortnite seasonal Battle Pass usually goes for about 950 Vbucks which roughly equates to a $10 real money payout for players – really not that bad for those wanting to reap the benefits of rewards and cosmetics, but will this help Fortnite keep its crown for top battle royale game?

Apex Legends is already exceeding expectations even with reported bugs, server issues, and backlash on item shop and Apex Coin purchases while boasting a playerbase holding over 25 million players worldwide. Take a look at this graph submitted by @thomasrice_au on twitter which shows the aggressive and strong launch of Apex Legends vs Fortnite.

It took Fortnite 41 days to reach the 20 million player mark while only taking 7 days for Apex to reach 25 million – this is insanely successful. Still though, Epic Games has a tremendous foundation in this gaming genre and if you add in the mobile and cross-play advantage Fortnite has over Apex, you can count on Fortnite sticking to the top of the leaderboard of battle royale games.

Will you be participating in the Overtime challenges for Fortnite?

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