Frontier Records: A Merger

  Did Bad Company take their judgment in the recent WMT to merge to heart? No, actually, this merger has been in the works for a while now – if you don’t know already, Bad Company and Rough Riders who have been allies for some time now have decided to merge their respective alliances together and create ‘Frontier Records’ and they are even sporting a brand new flag to show it off. Rough Rider nations have joined under the Bad Company alliance ID and have also moved over to the Bad Company discord server which is also sporting their brand new design and color scheme.

Rough Riders was a western themed alliance that literally started at the bottom. They were previously known as Slytherin and after a bit of a shakeup in leadership, their leader, Tom Riddle, took over and launched an aggressive growth strategy pushing Rough Riders all the way to the mid 30 ranks with nearly 80k score and over 50 members. Rough Riders is currently allied to Animation Domination (MDoAP), The Island (MDP), Ragnarok (ODP), more recently Afrika Korps (MDP), and protects Roma Imperialis.

Bad Company was an alliance that had gone through its share of bad luck, from political moves which left them out in the cold during the recent Knightfall global war to having their entire bank stolen by a previous government member named Cynic. Before the merge, Bad Company was sitting at about 108k strength in the top 20 alliances and is allied to Animation Domination (ODoAP), The Island (MDoAP), The Fighting Pacifists (ODP), and protects Egyptian Empire and The Underground.

With still about 49 nations still sitting on Rough Riders alliance affiliation at the time of this post, nations who already moved over to the new Frontier Records alliance affiliation have helped push the total alliance score well above 108k to nearly 135k advancing Frontier Records one spot away from the top 10 alliances to #11. If all 49 members make their way to their new home, this will push Frontier even further into the ranks at #8. At this time, it is unknown if both respective alliances will keep up their signed commitments to their allies – normally in mergers such as these we do see some cuts or a total dismantle of straggling treaty partners. Both alliances reached out to their treaty partners who seemed to take the news well, but DemonSpawn tells us, “there was one who wasn’t all for the idea, for their own reasons, and we wish them luck.” That alliance was The Foundation.

We took a moment to sit down with leadership of both alliances to capture the back story of this merger and what they plan to achieve with the group. We spoke with DemonSpawn who will have a role as one of three Board of Directors in Frontier – alongside Alexio (BC) and Tom of Rough Riders, who we also spoke with. The idea for the merger wasn’t anything on the lines of an official conversation to start, it originally started out as a joke. “There was some joking around and trolling going on between Filmore from BC and a couple of RR members.” DemonSpawn told ORB. “Filmore made the joke about merging BC and RR and somehow from that joke, here we are.” Tom backed up that remark from DemonSpawn by saying “It started as a meme with Filmore suggesting it…then he said it again when he was bored a few days back and we started work-shopping.” Tom also added “now just seems like a good time; we have a good thing going in Rough Riders and we want to share that with our allies over in Bad Company. Try and change the meta of the game yanno?”

“The main thing for us is, we are merging two good alliances into one and its been a while since I’ve been this excited about something in this damned game. This is gonna be fun. We don’t have any crazy plans to take over the world or anything. We are just going to continue to be us and do our thing.”


“We have similar ideals when it comes to micros, though they take a less militaristic standpoint and a more political one. It makes sense to merge the two ideas to create something that isn’t as single-minded. We also have similar ideas when it comes to how we treat membership, it’s a family and community that you create in this game.  People who you’re loyal to, people who you can call friends that keep you in the game. In all, Politics & War isn’t a very compelling game, but the community is what keeps people coming back for more.”

Tom Riddle










Overall, the merge seems like it was built on a pretty level foundation. You have two alliances who have been allied for a while coming together to share their experiences and skills – creating what seems to be a well-balanced system. “BC and RR have been good friends for a long time; at least 8 months without any bumps. I’d say overall it will be a solid merger considering all the work that’s been put into it. Mutual respect for each other is what really made this happen.” Tom says. The merger forms a triumvirate government system with Tom overseeing two departments while DemonSpawn and Alexio look over one department each. All government members from both alliances will also maintain rank within Frontier Records.

Community Reactions

“Well, they’re meatbags, but at least they’re no one’s meatbags, so kudos to them.” ~Hwan

“RR and BC are both “eh” alliances, like the UH merger with whatever that other alliance was. I hope they both become more competent through this.” ~Gatorcock


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