Get Rifting!


If you don’t know what Fortnite Rifts are…you probably aren’t an avid Fornite player, but that’s ok! Maybe we can make you one. Rifts jumped into the Fortnite Battle Royale universe at the beginning of Season 5 in Update 5.0 and have continued to stay a big part of the battle royale game play Epic Games offers it’s players in Fortnite.When you use a rift, you simply walk/jump/fall through it at which point you teleport back up to the sky, next to where you entered, which allows you to skydive and redeploy your glider.

These rifts are usually limited and will go away after use – so make sure you’re with your squad before jumping! In season 6, Epic Games installed a permanent Rift in the Wailing Woods bunker (underground) – so feel free to use this one as many times as you want. In Season 7 another permanent rift was added on the small island south of the iceberg – check out a wooden shack to find this one.

If you, for some reason, want to know exactly where all the rifts are – even the non-permanent ones, an awesome Reddit user made an awesome map that shows you just that. u/Z44Z, created and posted up this map on the r/FortNiteBr subreddit  – and seems to have a good history with providing awesome Fortnite content, locations, tips…the works for lovers of the Fortnite game. Check out the map below and get riftin’!