PW: Guardian and Grumpy Old Bastards Sign TGH

Time for some more political movement outside of the new Syndi-NPO Sphere

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This week, Buorhann of The Golden Horde announced that they have signed paper with both Guardian and Grumpy Old Bastards. Grumpy Old Bastards was one of the only paperless alliances in the game – thus leaving Arrgh as the only alliance in the top 50 to be paperless within Politics & War.

“The True The Vanguard welcomes the members of Guardian and Grumpy into the fold.”

Treaty Details: (from the Hippo’s Mouth)
  • 72 hour cancellation notice at least, if it comes to that.
  • MDP Style (We did offer to give them a rainbow treaty setup, but Grumpy men want it simple)
  • Intel clause is actually there. Not some fake shit that some of you folks pull off and sweep under the rug.

Featured image was borrowed from Alliance Affairs Posting on the Politics & War Website and edited within our own ORB Studio.