Golden Gods?


Golden Gods

As we brace for what could be a long war to continually grind down TKR & Friends (and those few that came in to help),  we are left thinking of what other aggression fronts could pop up that might not necessarily be associated with the current war effort. Throughout war history on Orbis, there have always been some type of side skirmishes that take place for some reason or another – could we see something during this current global?

During our war investigation with “The Brink” we discovered that there could be a possibility that T$ Sphere could/would turn around after seeking out IQ to assist them in hitting TKR and pounce on IQ. We are still resting with the opinion that we really don’t see that playing out that well – especially considering the mass of IQ and how many people on their side are still waiting for slots. So, if you’re not quite catching on – unless T$ can do a quick turn and pounce on IQ whilst already being in war and expect to win, the chance of that, as it stands now, is pretty slim. Additionally, we now know that T$ Sphere went to IQ to ask for assistance in the current global. Why pivot and attack those that helped?

In more recent (possible) developments, during the Great Job! show on Friday, Kastor joined the show pretty early and stated that The Golden Horde would be engaging in a conflict within a month. It was already determined that The Golden Horde and Knights Templar would be jumping in on some type of war effort and considering the dogpile on TKR & Friends, the likelihood of those guys coming in now wouldn’t necessarily make a whole lot of sense especially when all tiers are seemingly covered – and multiple alliances have nations fighting for slots to get their boots dirty. Later on in the show Buorhann mentioned that they know that Pantheon was ‘plotting against them’ – the details of that mention were not laid out for viewers, but ORB will continue to investigate that comment. So, would TGH and KT be poised to hit pantheon? With just a quick glance at tier ranges of all three alliances, TGH and KT could most definitely fill slots within Pantheon’s upper tiers and thus take on the entirety of Pantheon itself. What about taking on Pantheon’s allies? With most of their allies obviously being engaged in the current conflict, there is a strong possibility of a quick success – it would all depend on the resilience of the T$ Sphere to regroup and pivot on TGH and KT.

So, lets just throw theory out in the air and see what could possibly happen. Within the next month we can still expect the current dogpile to still be grinding on TKR & Friends, unless peace is reached quickly – this has been a fun war with hardly any off-base OOC attacks on either side other than the high aggro posts from IQ alliances. Say, TGH and KT decide to take the current global to their advantage and hit Pantheon. They could, slots permitting, do some serious damage – even with Pantheon being on the large aggression side of this war they have been taking heaps of damage as it is and would likely not be able to hold TGH and KT off and thus be knocked out of that comfy #3 ranking quite easily – pantheon falls again. Add in treaty obligations from The Syndicate, GodFury, Dark Brotherhood, and their protectorates (minus The Federation of course) and you have a bit of push-back on TGH and KT, but that really only relies on the foundations that those T$ Sphere alliances are in good shape to actually put up another defense – while still maintaining control over TKR & Friends. Still, we are showing more favorable odds for KT and TGH. On top of those odds, throw in wildcards like paperless alliances that can pivot when they want to and possible assistance from slot hungry nations within the IQ sphere – and you have a nice recipe for success.

Is it possible?