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After embracing the true power of his baldness, Charlie Traveler set out on an epic journey. Hobo, radio personality, voice actor, rapper, belligerent drunk. Purveyor of good times and one half of Great Job!

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The Hobo Express: Into the Cinco

February 22nd marked the end of week 4 of Kev, Charlie and now a larger group of friends on The Hobo Express. If you...

The Hobo Express – Weeks 1-3

If you're not aware by now, the Hobo Express is a traveling group of Hobos looking for their final home - the idea started...

Great Job! with Squeegee

From legend to leak and back to legend, the glorious Squeegee joined us on Great Job! for a wild hour of entertainment and excitement.

Great Job! with Thanos and Chris

Join us for an exciting discussion of the Knightfall peace agreement with Leo the Gre- erm, ThanosĀ and get some insight into the back end...

Great Job! with Frawley

Kev & Charlie talk with Frawley in the latest edition of their show!

Orbis Awards 2018!

Orbis Awards! Hosted by Kev & Charlie!

Leopold & Shifty

Kev & Charlie from Great Job! talk to Leopold & Shifty!


Great Job! with Kev and Charlie! Rado Edition.

Demonspawn is Coming to Town

Charlie gives us a new hit holiday single.

Global War Edition!

Kev & Charlie talk Global War and hear from Max, Barto, and more!

The Lost Episode (10-12-18)

Kev & Charlie talk with Adrienne from TKR and Auctor.

Debut Show (10-5-18)

The first ever show from Great Job! with Kev & Charlie.

Issstealit – A Revolution

First it was just simply radio shows, now, we are seeing a tremendous media revolution burn through the community as more and...