Griffin in the Tree – A New Accord


The Griffin in the Tree Accords

Tuesday Oct. 16 2018 0231 | Newsroom – Alliance Affairs

Around 10 PM CST, on the PW Forums, CuppyCakeYums posted up a treaty that many have expected for quite a while between Guardian & The Commonwealth.

“So, one sadly hot Autumn day there was a GIANT tree on the top of a hill. A pack of Griffins were flying when they noticed the giant tree in the distance.  The leaders of the Griffins decided to head out by themselves to check out this unnaturally large tree.”

Obviously, in this scenario, the Tree represents The Commonwealth and the Griffins represent Guardian. The narrative of the post starts as something seemingly peaceful and then delves deep into claiming the tree with urine, kerfuffles, and a small human named Purpley who shook the tree and got cake to fall from its branches. As you could expect from a signed accord the humans (The Commonwealth) and the Griffins (Guardian) got a long and decided to finally sign a pact – hence the Griffin in the Tree Accords.

We caught up with some Guardian folks looking to get some details on the formation of the accord. Rosey Song, Member of Guardian told Orbis Weekly that The Commonwealth is “a worthy ally that I’ll be glad to fight alongside when the time comes.” JtTeE became available shortly after for comment and stated that both signatories worked together against the nuke bloc and kept chatting, so they signed a treaty. “Not much to it lol” he told us. An official spokesperson from The Commonwealth said they’ve always gotten along well with Guardian and “they’re about as solid an ally you can find.” The TCW Official added that TCW has been on good terms with guardian for quite some time, even before the nuke bloc events were amicable.