The Hobo Express – Weeks 1-3

If you’re not aware by now, the Hobo Express is a traveling group of Hobos looking for their final home – the idea started with Kev and Charlie, who you might know from our weekly Great Job! show on our discord server. Originally in Bad Company (now Frontier Records), Kev and Charlie both took a trip over to The Golden Horde. Shortly after, they decided to embark on an epic trip to find their home and in doing so, keep a weekly journal of each place they visit on their search – thus, The Hobo Express.

Here we are sitting around a campfire, a cup of hot soup in our hands with our knapsacks at our sides. Home. What is a home? Is it a destination? Is it a group of people? Can one home be better than another? ~Kev

In their first post christening the Hobo Express, Kev shares those words with the community while also sharing their first stop as they embark out of the lands of The Golden Horde – Empyrea. Each week, Kev and Charlie will travel across Politics & War in search for their new home and will report on all of their findings every Friday night at 11pm Central Time. Lets take a look at where Kev and Charlie have been thus far and see what they found.

Week 1

First stop was Empyrea, an alliance nestled in the top 15 with a solid history – previously known as Roz Wei. A likely stop for these guys as Empyrea is closely tied with The Golden Horde, both Kev and Charlie said that they welcomed them with open arms. “Their community is always active, whether spurred by their ‘Question of the Day,’ friendly atWar games, or spitting fire in their #rap-battle channel.” Charlie said. Charlie did say that they didn’t know exactly what to expect when they first approached Empyrea – there were concerns whether or not this alliance would be a shell of the original Roz Wei and/or take the same ‘intentionally inflammatory’ position their previous leader (Rozalia) took in his day – but – they were both surprised that Empyrea has begun to develop their own ‘distinctly Empyrean culture’ within their community. During their stay at Empyrea, they picked up another traveler with the same ambitions as Kev and Charlie – to find a home. Joshua Keller will be joining the Hobo Express – stay tuned for an exclusive JKell interview, only here on the ORB.

Week 2

The next stop for the Hobo Express was Bad Company – which is now known as Frontier Records after their recent merger with Rough Riders. This filled Kev and Charlie with both positive and negative memories – as there was some tension before when they were members. “Some of the nicest people you will meet reside within the studio. Although, it is hard to stay within the recording booth, as it appears they don’t have a cleaning crew. Dust, syringes, and candy bar wrappers everywhere.” Kev said. Here they picked up a few more travelers to hitch a ride on the Hobo Express – Pika & Sparqs. During week two they also created an insanely awesome song, definitely worth the listen:

Week 3

Each week, Kev and CharlieĀ  spin a wheel on possible alliances the Hobo Express will stop at – for week 3, they rode the rails all the way to Knights Templar. Charlie described the community at Knights Templar to be rowdy, abrasive, obnoxious group of degenerates – but while staying, he grew to like them. “Now, I won’t claim to fully understand them. That would be a bold-faced lie. No man can truly understand KT. What I will say is that I came to better understand them through hours of one-on-one conversation with members and banter in the channels to which we were granted access.” he said. Overall, the review of their stay at KT goes on to say that although they have a rough exterior, the inner-workings of the alliance are that of competence and the members work together greatly. “While the vibe didn’t quite click for me or the rest of the Hobos, I had a Great Time! here and I appreciate them showing us that winning Templar Hospitality!” The hobo’s spun the wheel again – next stop….

Be sure to tune in to ORB as we cover the Hobo Express’ travels across Orbis – who knows where they’ll be stopping next! Make sure to tune into Great Job! on the official discord channel for ORB Friday Night at 11pm CST for a live review of their time at The Underground – maybe they found their home?


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