How TKR “made their own bed”

TKR (The Knights Radiant) and BK (Black Knights) have been rivals for a considerable amount of time now, most peg this to have started around the time BK signed The Inquisition Bloc (IQ). The beef really started to come out around Trail of Tears, this is when the current leader (Lordship) and government of TKR shit talked IQ endlessly. The shit talking and public dislike and distaste of BK by TKR continued long past the war, with quotes such as “I’ll do anything to take BK down” by high government members. More recently TKR showed yet another sign of hatred to Black Knights, it was discovered through leaks, that the government of TKR had actually agreed to enter Ayyslamic Crusade against IQ but had backed out last second to roll Nuke Bloc instead.

So with this information you may ask, how does it affect this war? Well the answer should be simple enough for everyone but I’ll break it down for you anyways. Before this war IQ was contacted by representatives from both other major spheres, T$ and Co as well as TKR and Friends. Both spheres has the same offer “help us beat the other”, so with this information in hand IQ had to make a decision to either help take down TKR or T$, with that you factor in TKR tiring being more of a threat to IQ and the years of shit talk and threats the decision was an easy one for IQ.

Moving forward I have been asked a few times “Do you think this rivalry will continue after this war”. The answer isn’t an easy yes or no, it will depend on TKR itself. Can TKR let go and stop shit talking BK, can TKR behave and stop acting like a sore child? When these questions are answered, ill be able to answer yours. Personally i don’t see the rivalry ending easily, its gone on to long to just stop. I do however think an end could be reached if TKR wants it to end.