Infinity & Disbanding


Thursday Oct 11th 2018 20:13 | ORB Newsroom – Editors Desk

This message is for the entire Orbis Community:

On October 4th, Orbis Weekly received word that Future War Cult was pushing through with new leadership changes and also going through with a new theme – they would now be lead by Hope and be called Infinity. In an effort to capture this story – as we thought it would be a good one – we did our normal work and we scheduled this story to be posted on October 8th. The reason for the scheduled post was for 2 reasons – Firstly, we thought that pushing out several articles in a short period of time would be silly for the weekend and second, we truly didn’t think that this change would run this short.

On October 9th in the #platboys-lounge on the ORB Weekly discord server, Mew let us know that FWC/Infinity was completely gone with most of them going to The Commonwealth (TCW). This was bad timing on our part, we did not expect this change to run its course so quickly and holding it a few days was a mistake on our part.

We are writing this note to you because we care about what we put out for you to read and we enjoy when you’re enjoying yourselves here in ORB – on our site and on our discord. As we move forward with our platform, we will do our best to provide news when it happens – when we receive the details to develop the background.

We apologize for any issues that came to surface with the late posting.

Thank you for your time.