When first asked to do a column I immediately said “No thank you, I have enough on my plate as is”. In reality I was thinking “What does a Housewife like  me have to offer the world? Why would someone want to hear what Tina Rhodes, a Bostonian has to say”?

After a few glasses of ’02 Merlot and a good nights sleep I felt refreshed; Thinking “I have plenty of life experience, and quite a few things that need saying. If a single mother can raise two children on her own she can take a few moments out of her day to write a Column”. I messaged Maxwell back accepting his offer, requesting the name “Ask Tina”. On that note I suppose I should introduce myself.

My name is Tina Rhodes. A single mother of two wonderful children named Jared (12) and Shelby (6), who get bigger and more beautiful by the day. I originally hail from the salt covered shores of New England, in the beautiful state of Massachusetts. I met the love of my life Declan McCormick while attending Umass Boston, I was studying to be an English Major at the time. Little did I know my plans to graduate would be dashed upon the rocks 5 months into my sophomore year, I learned that I was 2 months pregnant with my first child Jared. Declan and I married within the month and moved closer to his parents in Milwaukee. He got a Full time job at the Miller Brewery and I took care of the house while doing working part-time as a waitress at a local diner. A few months later our first child, Jared, brought into this world and our family was finally complete!

Declan and I’s marriage wasn’t a perfect one, but then again who’s is? We had our ups and downs, our mountains and our valleys but after our second child, Shelby, was born he told me he wanted a divorce. I was heartbroken and determined not to give up, but after months of marriage counseling and a good deal of bargaining I was served the divorce papers. Declan said he’d leave me the house and half of everything, even during the divorce he was such a sweet man. He left me with the kids in Milwaukee and moved to Alabama where he met his second wife. But I that enough about me; I’m sure you’ll learn more about me as time goes on. What I want to know is how I can help all of you…

This is the first letter that Maxwell sent me and my first time doing this so let’s get things started,

Tina: I’m having some relationship problems, by this I mean I find myself lacking a relationship; I think I may have set my standards too high. Now I’m 29, single, and can’t find anyone my age that’s worth dating. Sincerely, Lonely and Depressed

Dear Lonely: Go on more dates, It doesn’t matter who with. Just get yourself out there and find someone worth loving. Your standards will change if you truly care about someone, I know mine did.


I hope to hear from some of my readers, if you have Questions or a Comment you’d like to send in shoot an Email to asktinamail@gmail.com I’ll make sure to respond to them as quickly as possible.


And Remember folks: Live, Laugh, Wine 😉


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