Issstealit – A Revolution

First it was just simply radio shows, now, we are seeing a tremendous media revolution burn through the community as more and more people are entering the Orbis airwaves with their own bits of creative genius.

Sure, we’ve seen radio shows come and go – large conglomerates to small niche groups – but none of those hold a candle to what we have been experiencing lately here on Orbis. Could it be the introduction of ORB Weekly, the global war, or is it really just that specific time and space which is allowing community members to express themselves more openly on certain topics?

It seemed to all have started with Charlie, host of Great Job! and partner to ORB Weekly:

This video was created soon after Cynic betrayed Bad Company, stole the bank, and deleted his nation. He has now since come back to Politics & War and that bank has been given back (for the most part) to Bad Company after it was given to Black Knights which prompts us to provide this next bit of lyrical genius from Balish:

Is this a new turning point in Orbis history?

Radio shows and creativity when it comes to audio is on the rise. In fact, ORB Weekly – now partnered with the creators of Great Job! – Kev & Charlie, have added on a few new shows that will be kicking off pretty soon.

  • The Shifty Stranger Experience
  • The Tonight Show

There are no details on when exactly these shows will start up or what exactly the itinerary for these shoes will be, but it does prove the fact that audio entertainment is back in full swing here in the Orbis Community. As ORB approaches the near 300 membership mark on our discord server – it would seem our reach has been pretty significant.

What’s next? All we know is the more entertainment the better & if we can continue to connect the community to news & updates, we can continue to grow this community on or off the official platforms.