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It’s a Trap! – tHe BiGgEsT aPriL fOoLs jOke


If you’re reading this you’re either super happy, don’t care, or pretty pissed off. You were led to believe that there was a giant update coming to the Politics & War game, but in reality it ended up being an April Fool’s joke – April Fools my friends.

All of us at ORB Gaming hope you can remove your anger, if you have it, and understand that this joke was all in good fun. It would never be our intention to make the community we have developed and the greater Politics & War community upset – so here’s the rundown of how this joke came to fruition.

We were all hanging out in an undisclosed discord server, I (MadMax) thought it would be cool to see what the PW platform would look like with a more updated and modern GUI – so I got to work. In just about an hour of diddling around with different looks, I had the home page set up and then a light bulb lit up – Let’s make an April Fools joke.

I enlisted the help of fellow friends and started spamming Alex with messages. Nah, for real though I got Alex on board and we started developing a timeline for systematic breadcrumbs of information to be dropped closer to the new monthly update for Politics & War.

One one hand, I didn’t think that this GUI would be taken seriously, with no offense to Alex, he has been busy and creating a brand new UI would take some time. The man has a hugely active RL and this isn’t something you can just put together over night…I mean unless you make a fake version on photoshop in like 2 hours max.

Here is our first timeline for this project, the original plan was to utilize a bot to send out a mass message about the update information, but to keep it a bit more realistic, we kept it by word of mouth and put some of this project weight on Alex where we developed a bit of our own timeline. Alex would drop some information to other sources, handle some questions from the community, change the official PW discord server icon to match the previewed theme AND he even created a page with all the update information that pushed to every nation in the game upon monthly update on the 1st.

To ease some of your minds, while setting this up with Alex, he did like the idea of a GUI change and said that it has been on a bit of a back burner, per se, for a while. He stated that once he graduates and has some more free time in RL, he’d be sitting down to figure some things out. I know a lot of us, a lot of you, have concerns over mechanics – ideas for the game – etc, definitely keep a cool mind. Think out your ideas, get as much feedback from the community and present a fully formed idea to Alex via the suggestion thread on the PW Forums.

I just want to thank you all for being good sports, I want to personally thank Alex for helping us out and joining in on the fun. I couldn’t have done this without the help of my trusty April Fool’s Hype Squad:

  • Caanite
  • Charlie Traveler
  • Dr. Robbins
  • Gatorcock
  • Kevanovia
  • Pika
  • TheRebelMan
  • Zevfer
  • Hannah

You guys hold a special place in my heart for helping keep the hype alive and pull of one of the best April Fools Jokes Politics & War has ever seen. One thing that I wanted to point out that nobody noticed was a small detail on the one screen we showed y’all. This is the screen shot of the homepage that we sent out to y’all.

If you looked closer at the details you’d see the bottom left indicated ‘Red Street Entertainment’ the company Alex created is called ‘Red Road Entertainment’ – check it out:



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