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Jedi Order Takes on the Omega



Friday Sep. 28 2018 | ORB Newsroom – Alliance Affairs

On Wednesday the world watched as Omega, a relatively small alliance only sitting at about 5900 alliance score merged into the Jedi Order. TJO another micro alliance currently sitting at rank 59 with roughly 24k score and 1000 average nation score has blessed Orbis with it’s presence for only 119 days.

The post was made by Jacinda Ardern, previously DPM in Omega, who stated, “just letting you know that Omega has merged into The Jedi order. All members, but yours truly, will be transferring over to Jedi.”  Jacinda left Omega and is now calling the Egyptian Empire home.

We reached out to Omega and Jedi Order, but nobody was immediately available for comment.

Here are a few quotes from members of the community who responded to Jacinda’s merger announcement:

Aw, I liked Omega’s flag…  – Fulcrum via PW Forums

How does William feel about this? Wait, who was Omega again? What’s their rep in Orbis? – Tulles via PW Forums

Congrats. Erm, personally, don’t know why Jedi Order would bother with Omega, but its whatever. – CitrusK via PW Forums

My condolences TJO, we all make mistakes…but this. I’ll be Dragon praying for you. – Epi via PW Forums

I’m pro-consolidation of micros. Thumbs up. – Kevanovia via PW Forums