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Keza Purple – ORB Interview


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Keza Purple

The Interview

ORB Weekly: Can you start by telling ORB a little bit about yourself?

Keza: I’m named after a character that I am writing a book about, responsible college student, and last name is named after another player who plays this game, you can figure it out. Been playing this for more than 3 years now, well technically 4.


ORB Weekly: Is PW the first simulation game you’ve played?

Keza: No, CN was my first, horrible, terrible – I would say Trump style.


ORB Weekly: What made you join PW?

Keza: Yui made me join.


ORB Weekly: What alliance are you currently in and what is your role?

Keza: Church of Atom, I am the Interior Affairs Guy.


ORB Weekly: How do you balance game time & RL Time? Especially around the holidays.

Keza: Discord as another social media and treat PnW like a homework assignment.


ORB Weekly: Do you celebrate Christmas? What is one of your favorite traditions?

Keza: Not really, I watch basketball and sleep. You know the drill.


ORB Weekly: Any plans for New Year’s Eve?

Keza: Going to DC for like a week again.


ORB Weekly: Do you have any thoughts you’d want to share about the war?

Keza: My opinion is I kinda expected it from the start as TKR was just becoming number 1 for a long time. Couple of first round were fun, but towards the end it got very boring, but lopsided seems to work in the favor, didn’t really expect many targets to begin with.


ORB Weekly: What kind of ‘global’ changes do you expect post-war?

Keza: I expect a war mechanic or a project mechanic to happen. Either a couple of new projects that can extend the gameplay further.


ORB Weekly: Was your alliance involved in the war? Who did you attack/who attacked you and how do you think it went for your alliance?

Keza: Yeah we were. Mainly attacked TKR. I think it went well, it’s the first time participating in a global and my first time in over two years that I was warless.


ORB Weekly: A lot of times in a war, whether you’re involved or not, post-war brings a lot of changes and restructuring. Will your alliance be going through any changes internally or externally?

Keza: I don’t think we will be going to change much cuz we are in a comfortable position. Maybe for me internally, I am possibly going to get my feet more wet in many of the areas that I am good at.


ORB Weekly: What is something you love doing in RL?

Keza: Reading, basketball, baseball, sleeping, eating, drinking, you name it, and oh traveling.


Thanks for Reading!

  Keza – I had a great time deciphering your broken English. Hope you don’t mind that I fixed it for some of the readers. Fun Fact: Keza sent his replies back to me in a PDF file. Thanks!