Knight…fall? A Quick Change at KT

Friday November 23, 2018 | Alliance Announcements – ORB Newsroom

A Knight as fallen this week over at Knights Templar. Haydon, previous Internal Affairs lead of the Knights Templar has reportedly deleted his nation and his discord, leaving the alliance high and dry. “Legit, was doing IA one hour [and the] next hour discord and nation were deleted,” a Knights Templar member told us.

Obviously, any cause for Haydon’s departure would be speculation as nobody knows the real reason he decided to cut and run that fast, even without word to any other government member. Knights Templar quickly replaced the open position with Itzcoatl taking over Internal Affairs, a step up from a low econ position. It was also reported that Endrus will be taking the reigns in the low econ position within Knights Templar.

Itzcoatl tells ORB Weekly that Haydon maintained his position for just about 3 months within Knights Templar. He started leading Internal Affairs right as the 69 Day War ended and Esquire Templar merged back into Knights Templar. When asked what Itzcoatly plans to do with Internal Affairs for KT now that he’s in charge he stated “Improve it. Every ship has its cracks regardless of how well it floats.”