Lean Green…Purging Machine?


Wednesday Oct. 3rd 04:43 | ORB Newsroom – War Desk

Way back in August, more specifically August 4 at 20:38 Alex (Game Admin) announced the famous “Color Trade Bloc” implementation. If you are new or just unfamiliar with the Color Trade Bloc addition to the game, basically, it was a system introduced with the primary goal of forcing alliances to fight each other – thus making the game more interesting. Sure, nations end up getting a bit of bonus cash, but like most changes Alex puts into the game to pit alliances and nations against each other, we always find a way to rip away everything, but the benefits and still remain placid.

There have been several discussions I have personally been a part of which called for ‘color bombing’ – throwing alliances/nations on a certain color to bring down the bonus in hopes for cash payments – however, for the most part everything with this update has been pretty dull. I am sure you can look around Orbis and find instances of micros causing color-drama, but the story I’m about to bring you is the first one that has seemingly touched the international stage of Orbis.

About an hour ago, Shifty shared some information in the form of discord screenshots, that provided insight on what was happening on Green. As we know, The Syndicate has always associated it’s alliance with green (cash money bro) and well, they own it -if you couldn’t tell by the name chosen for the Color Trade Bloc.


Green sits just below beige which sits at its default $50k bonus for nations on beige. Green is close behind with a bonus of nearly $49k which is almost double Pink which sits 3rd – So I guess you could say Green is taking their color seriously, but let’s get to the scuffle.

Before you get your hopes up and think that this is gonna be some massive war, simmer down. Although shifty is a great friend to me, the leaks tend to be a little dated. Seems this little purge kicked off back on September 9th. Partisan notified United Hoods that its time to start the great purge.

“The time has come for purging green from all non-approved. I’ll have diplos get in touch with y’all to work on the specifics” – Partisan via Discord Screenshot (below)

Looks like the UH crowd accepted that call for war and they went. Links of all ‘non-approved’ nations were posted up in the Green Purge Coalition chat which all went to nations ranking in cities 1 to 9, probably just green stragglers and micro alliances not knowing what the fuck a Color Trade Bloc is.

green wtf

Nevertheless, Shifty thought it was worth sharing and I thought it was worth writing about. This is the first indication of a big-boy alliance taking part in a color purge…maybe not on the scale that we all secretly hoped for or what Alex intended, but its a start right?

We reached out to Partisan of The Syndicate and Ayo of United Hoods, ayo was not immediately available, but I think we woke Partisan up with our DM. Partisan replied that, “The $yndicate views itself as a frontrunner in the race to a sustainable business environment. Our extensive social programmes are intended to give back to the communities and colour spheres in which we operate. Alliances such as the Grumpy Old Bastards and The Coalition benefit hugely from our CSR policies on the green team, and we would not want it any other way. To The $yndicate, its key segments come first. Always.”

There you hae it folks, T$ takes the green all the way home. What do y’all think? Is this a step forward? Not worth the read? Do you expect more color purges? You can comment below the article!

screen 1