Marshmello LIVE in Pleasant Park (Feb 2nd)

Yesterday it was announced that Marshmello will be dropping into Pleasant Park for a special set. If you don’t know who Marshmello is and you thought it was just a creative outfit Epic Games threw at us in the item shop…Marshmello is a multi-platinum recording artist with a career stretching back to 2015 in the electronic music genre. Marshmello originally only appeared in public appearances dressed in the Marshmello persona and for a long time, nobody knew who he was  – later, it was found out through an interview with Skrillex (..and other connections) that Marshmello’s name is Christopher Comstock, a 26-year-old guy from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Today, at around 1pm CST (2pm EST) – Marshmello & Epic Games announced that players all over the world will be able to drop in for a special set. Data miners found that Epic Games will be (possibly) setting up a LTM called “Party at Pleasant Park” where respawn will be enabled for participants – if true – you’ll likely stay in the event until the show concludes. Specific details or rules of that LTM are unavailable.

As the hype increases for the Marshmello event, so does the concern for content creators and streamers who were planning on live-streaming the concert and make videos, but thought they might enter in on copyright violations – Epic Games announced that they worked closely with the Marshmello team to make sure no copyright strikes will be made against any content creator or streamer posting the event or streaming the event live. The only caveat to this is those content creators and streamers must not monetize that live stream or video content – if they do, then they will receive a copyright strike.

Take a look at Marshmello’s tweet showing off an invitation to the event! Will you be there?