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Max – ORB Interview


ORB Interviews

Each week Orbis Weekly will produce a number of interviews that we send out to people all over the world. The idea behind the ORB Interview is to shed a little light on people, especially ones we think the world of Orbis should know more about.The questions will range from basic, random, and relevant.

Mad Max

This week we are interviewing…myself? That’s right! Mostly to test out this new interview format & it is kinda a bit of a retirement interview. Retirement in terms of dropping off the game? Sorry – probably not – more of a shifting focus and delegating type of retirement. Y’all who know me either love me OR you’re like Ashland and fucking adore me – here goes, enjoy.

“Finding time to play this game is often hard – especially when you’re balancing a demanding career, relationship, social gatherings & of course the #1 in my life – my pup Copper.” – Max

The Interview

ORB Weekly: Can you start by telling ORB a little bit about yourself?

Max: Sure, I’m just a dude who enjoys getting lost in virtual worlds to hide the fact that my real world sucks. haha – nah, I’m just a guy that enjoys strategy – even if my strategy is shit, I think that what brings me to these types of games. Building somethin is fun. In real life I lead a pretty professional career, maintain myself fairly well, and just started dating again – yay for me.


ORB Weekly: Is PW the first simulation game you’ve played?

Max: Actually no. I started out way back in 2007 playing nationstates for a day. Saw a link for Cybernations and then started playing that forever. Wasn’t till like beta time that I was being pushed to join here.


ORB Weekly: What made you join PW?

Max: I had a friend that kept telling me to play – we were hopping around to other simulation game sites trying to find the best one, ended up here, been here ever since. Sometimes I regret it, but other times I think of the friends I’ve made and the laughs I had and I’m glad I found PW.


ORB Weekly: What alliance are you currently in and what is your role?

Max: I am in ‘The Island’ – a relatively micro alliance, especially now since we got our shit pushed in! My role here is among leadership even though many people see me as the face/sole leader of the alliance. Being small and so close-knit we operate mostly internally. We use slack so our members usually just chill on there and to be honest, I love it. This will be changing though pretty soon – I’m stepping down from a few things here and delegating/restructuring the leadership so that we are more efficient.


ORB Weekly: How do you balance game time & RL Time? Especially around the holidays.

Max: Finding time to play this game is often hard – especially when you’re balancing a demanding career, relationship, social gatherings & of course the #1 in my life – my pup Copper. I think the best thing to do is to just be yourself – come on the game when you can, it’s just a game. Real life interactions are far more important in my opinion and will allow you to break out of the shell of online gaming. You could also find yourself a significant other who might also be a gamer, thinks its cute that you play an online simulation game, and supports you in your ruling endeavors. As far as everything else – I always find time for my pup even on my most tired days & when it comes to holidays, I just usually work anyway…


ORB Weekly: Do you celebrate Christmas? What is one of your favorite traditions?

Max: I do! I usually just work the holidays – so other people with family can celebrate – I live pretty much on my own in Texas so my family isn’t here. It’s my good deed to let them take a break with their family. Traditions, this one stretches back – but its my ultimate favorite. It’s called the Peppermint Pig. Basically it’s a tradition that stretches back into the 1800s (Saratoga Springs, NY) – after christmas dinner a peppermint candy pig is placed in a cloth sack and is handed to the youngest member of the family. They hit it with a little metal hammer and pass it around the table from youngest to oldest. As you pass it, everyone takes a piece of the pig which represents good fortune for the upcoming year – everyone tells a story of a good fortune that happened to them in the current year. Not many people know about the peppermint pig or even had it in their families – so explaining this tradition growing up was pretty damn funny, people thought we put a real pig in a bag and beat it to death. Feel free to search it up tho, it is real.


ORB Weekly: Any plans for New Year’s Eve?

Max: My little brother is going to be on leave from the military so I’m sure we will get up to some type of shenanigans – I’m also off work!


ORB Weekly: Do you have any thoughts you’d want to share about the war?

Max: Thoughts? To be honest I was active and around for the first part and then ended up traveling for wor and being terribly busy. I lost control of the gossip and back channel drama so as far as I know, its just a war that is currently being worked out for peace.


ORB Weekly: What kind of ‘global’ changes do you expect post-war?

Max: I think a lot of people ‘think’ there are going to be tremendous changes post war, but to be honest, I’m not convinced. Syndisphere has just started its growth and stacking of alliances pre-war..why would they just drop off alliances/why would alliances leave synidsphere? IQsphere really has no reason to change – they dominated the war pretty well, the only thing I see changing there is possibly VG leaving IQ, but tbh where would they go and who would take them? Polaris, stay with IQ, White Rose go be something greater, TUE – disband. The only huge change I bet we will see is TKR, obviously they need to regroup themselves and get into some friendship with others. Whether that be BC or not – that will likely be the only huge change post-war…minus of course the beginning of a TGH/KT sphere build-up. They are being quiet. Too quiet.


ORB Weekly: Was your alliance involved in the war? Who did you attack/who attacked you and how do you think it went for your alliance?

Max: Hell yeah! After getting blueballs every fucking day from BC, we were finally hit by Arrgh and then Oblivion, then Camelot, then GoG, and some other alliances that decided to just come in for the fun. As far as the alliance, it went good and bad. For the most part we got rekt. We also kicked VM members (and gave their nation links to arrgh and oblivion) and we had a deletion from a dude who didn’t want to go to war…which sucks, because he was a really awesome guy. Everyone who is left did a pretty good job holding up their own, coordinations went great, the way we raised our membership worked out for the best, and everyone did the best they could. Can’t be butthurt about that. For the most part, it opened our eyes up to a lot of things we NEED and a lot of things we NEED to do better – which is why we are changing things up.


ORB Weekly: A lot of times in a war, whether you’re involved or not, post-war brings a lot of changes and restructuring. Will your alliance be going through any changes internally or externally?

Max: Yes, tons of yes. We are currently restructuring as we continued to get slapped by Ashland’s wrath. hahaha  – love that guy – we are changing the way we provide for our members and just changing the way we react. With slack being part of our life, we are creating a system that allows us to be hella organized. As far as externally, yes, I see tremendous changes in our future post-war.


ORB Weekly: What is something you love doing in RL?

Max: One of my most favorite things is exploring. My bro and I used to search for abandoned buildings and shit back in NY and just explore. It’s even great just to explore parts of the world that are closeby – just seeing whats around and taking a drive. Another thing is dipping some copenhagen wintergreen while I do it….but that’s something I gotta be putting on the quit list.


ORB Weekly: Do you have a pet? Want to share a pic?

Max: Sure, his name is Copper. He’s a Dachshund/English Terrier mix.


Thanks for Reading!


I know this is a little off-standard of other interviews. Maybe for those of you who don’t know me that well, this was a bit of a spotlight. I mostly did this to test formatting without messing up someone else’s interview (which we have more of!) We will start doing this 1 per week instead of mashing them out daily.