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Friday Oct 12 02:55 | ORB Newsroom – What Max Thinks (WMT)

You know it, I know it – we all know it. Micros are here and they are here to stay. If you’re like me, you don’t give a shit what other alliances are doing, especially micros…but if you’re not like me, you’re prob red in the face with veins popping out of your neck every time a new micro posts up their shitty declaration of existence, right?

To be completely honest, I am probably a leader of an alliance that you might consider a micro, if you’re the latter (red-faced veining penis) like described above – I have a 14 member alliance, somewhere in the rank of 40s I believe? We are a larger bunch of nations, but still small  so are we a micro? This is where we get into the dilemma of drawing a line between what is considered micro and what isn’t. If you have brains in your head, you know there are multiple things that come into play when you’re checking out alliances – if you’re a complete retard and lacking brain cells you’ll prob just look at ranks and draw a line.

For me, it honestly depends on if that alliance has accomplished anything that is fruitful within the world – for a micro – probably not. So, we move on down to member count and total alliance score. Ok, so you got 50 members, your score is alright, but your average score is around 500-800…ehhh, in my book – you’re a micro. Notice how I didn’t look at rank? Let’s take a look at some real alliances here with my method:


Typhon is an alliance ranked #43 – which makes them top 50 if you’re following along. They have a large member-base, 76 in total. They have nearly 50k total alliance strength and they even have a steady growth chart.

  1. Accomplishments: None that I know of.
  2. Member Count: 76
  3. Total Score: 47,021.66
  4. Average Score: 618

Many people wouldn’t classify Typhon as a micro, but I personally would – they have nobody above 1800 ns (sure you can argue they are a raiding alliance) and they have a significantly low average score.

Judgement: MICRO

Compare them to the trash deposit of Dark Brotherhood.

  1. Accomplishments: Probably less than Typhon
  2. Member Count: 71
  3. Total Score: 101,885.28
  4. Average Score: 1,435
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I’m honestly not sure why Dark Brotherhood is sticking around or what they have to offer to anyone else within this world, but hey they are here, so we get to talk shit about them. Both Typhon and Dark Brotherhood have over 70 members, but the main thing that keeps them separated, in my eyes, is the fact that Dark Brotherhood as a larger amount of nations in a higher tier, thus boosting their average score.

I mean, if you check into their nations there really doesn’t seem to be that much going on, so the way I classify what is micro and not doesn’t necessarily mean that because they aren’t micro that makes them automatically a good alliance.

Judgement: Not Micro (Just Trash)

So, we talked about what could make an alliance micro via stats, but what about the news that these micros share? Should it be allowed? I think one of the most outspoken members of this community in terms of shutting down micro politics is Thalmor. Nobody – and I mean nobody – is as red in the face as Thalmor when it comes to micros posting up their nonsense news, updates, wars, and general information.

Pictured: Thalmor – reacting to Micro News

Thalmor has even gone as far as to recommend a completely separate forum/sub-forum specifically for micros to post in. Is that right? Should this actually happen?

I think it is worth saying that we all started somewhere. Every alliance in this game was, at some point, in some way, a micro alliance. It could have been all different times and some may have grown up a hell of a lot faster than the next, but isn’t everyone allowed to have a chance? It is true, the likelihood of the noobist alliances that pop through our world to become large or just even fucking significant is pretty slim. In most cases you’ll end up with some La Mafia’s or Camelot-like alliances that strive to be significant, but fall tremendously short of relevant significance…which ultimately leads to merge after to merge until complete disbandment and total inactivity and abandonment..we’ve seen this time and time again.

Orbis has been the land of monster alliances for some time now. I think the status quo is your either:

  1. In a monster alliance (TKR)
  2. In an ancestor alliance (Guardian)
  3. In an alliance that is allowed to exist based off your respect, notoriety, position, experience, seniority in the game (The Island)

Anything else is really considered to be shit within the game and probably slapped with a micro sticker just for the heck of it. I’m also not saying that me, personally, is a respectable person within this community – sure – I’m known, I have a reputation where some adore the shit out of me while others would rather see me pummeled by a herd of elephants  – but that notoriety still stands and means something to me and to many people who find themselves in the same position as me and my fellow alliance leaders within The Island. If the community knows you, you’re good – you can pass.

When it comes down to the whole situation at hand, I guess we need to ask ourselves – why do we have such an issue with newcomers to this community? Why can’t they create alliances like everyone else and share their politics? What makes us better than them – other than the fact that we have experience playing this game and have been around a lot longer.

Maybe instead of shutting them down and kicking them to the curb we take them in. We put them under our wings and teach them how to fit in here – make them part of the community or at least encourage these new guys rather than shitting all over them and their posts.

Is that too hard for us to do?

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