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Minesome’s Popularity


Jan. 8 | ORB Newsroom

By now you all should know who MinesomeMC is – a rather popular player with popularity based solely on his discord presence and drama within the micro-sphere. Minsome is currently the leader of Ragnarok with Derpy Duck and Brown Back assisting in leadership as Viceroys.

Ragnarok is an alliance ranked in the mid 80s with a total score of around 6300 and average score of 450 with only 14 members with 11 of those members being on normal activity levels. Over the past few weeks, Minesome has engaged in wars – but the recent war against Diomedes, another infamously known player of the game, seems to have stirred up a little bit more attention than usual. In a post submitted by Minesome, Dear Diomedies, Minesome (Ragnarok) with the help of El_Barto of Animation Domination, declared war on Diomedes’ alliance The Order of Orange Nations.

“You are a special one, one who doesn’t know when enough is enough. You have more salt then the Pacific Ocean. Lemme help you Diomedes. We’ll provide you with the best flavors of war. How about ground warfare so dirty and bland, air warfare is a little up my ally, naval is a bit strong but has a long after taste, missiles make you feel a bit explosive but don’t do much, nukes have the most powerful taste and an incredible after taste.”


ORB caught up with Minesome to see what the drama is all about. “I hit Diomedes because of revenge. He’s been a dick to the community and also [to] me. Church of Spaceology hit me because ‘I was a dick’ and to [assist] Diomedes.” Minesome told us. He added that the revenge on his part was due in part to Diomedes tasked with helping GPC find a protector – somewhere along the line Diomedes blocked Minsome and when negotiations started to resolve the matter, Minesome states Diomedes became stubborn.

Church of Spaceology did post up a rather vague declaration of war? However, Minesome says “I feel CoS was paid to hit us because Diomedes had 100m, no other reason why someone would protect a dick.” ORB also found out through Minesome that there was a potential for truth behind Diomedes paying CoS for the hit – he stated in a Discord Direct Message that proof was sent to him in the form of a screenshot which held logs of the transaction.

However, shortly after our discussion with Minesome, it was announced that Ripper and Maia faked logs

As we continue to wait on peace terms for the current global war being dubbed “Knightfall” – we look for stories all over the Politics & War world – although micro drama is widely considered as annoying and useless, there are still stories to be shared.

Diomedes was not immediately available for comment.