New Sphere on the Horizon [PW]

Yesterday the Egyptian Empire (EE) announced an upgrade to their protectorate treaty with Frontier Records (FR). Frontier Records, previously known as Bad Company (BC), merged with Rough Riders (RR) on the 21st of February. Frontier Records & Egyptian Empire now hold a Mutual Defense Pact between themselves. At face value, many players within the Politics & War community see this as an insignificant and meaningless treaty – there really is no news there – however, when you peel away that first layer, there is a bit more to look at.

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To place a quick label on this treaty, you can say that it was signed due to long-term friendship and/or compatibility for tiers. Both of these labels work and both of them are actually true. Bad Company and Egyptian Empire have held a close bond since EE’s declaration of existence and with Bad Company originally being in the Vanguard Bloc with TUE, Polaris, and Order of the White Rose, they built on this relationship. EE has grown significantly and has some pretty solid stats; sitting at 35 members with 2.3k average nation strength, Egyptian Empire is ranked #35 in the game. The tiering capabilities for EE and BC seem to match up fairly well – the only problem is will those tiers actually work? We’ll get to that in a second. First, lets take a look at EE’s Allies – being closely tied to ex-vanguard bloc members, EE still is held within protectorate status. Let’s go back in time…Bad Company was a member of the Vanguard Bloc and during the recent war, Knightfall, Bad Company made the political move to depart Vanguard in hopes to dodge a war – but ended up finding themselves smack in the middle of one. Now, a triple protectorate of that ex-bloc upgrades to an MDP with previous Bad Company government. What would these ex-Vanguard members have to say about this?

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ORB reached out to Polaris and spoke with Dr. Trouble who unfortunately declined to comment stating OPSEC reasons. Greypher from The Order of the White Rose stated that the upgrade with FR will allow EE  to “get the best of both sides” – this is assuming EE decides to stay with the IQ side of the political spectrum. Egyptian Empire’s previous leader Xea reached out to ORB for comment saying “The FR upgrade is one in a string of upgrades.” Xea continued by saying “the original plan we had when I was leading included the FR upgrade, but it wasn’t going to be the first announced.” Xea did confirm that these plans did go into action when he was in leadership, but has since left – however – he did tell us that the current leadership has a stronger liking towards Frontier Records. Asierith, current Pharoah of Egyptian Empire told ORB “we’re currently going through all our existing protectorate treaties and either are calling it a day or upgrading them.”

It is clear that EE is more closely sided with the IQ side of the political spectrum simply through the ex-vanguard bloc members protectorate. If EE was to upgrade with any of those members, there would always be a tie directly to IQ which could prove to be a beneficial place to stand in. Xea, ex-Pharoah of EE told ORB that the current EE government are pixel-huggers, which means these players prefer building instead of warring. The tie between both spheres, assuming Frontier Records makes moves towards a major sphere, or attempts building their own again, will position Egyptian Empire in the perfect environment for pixels to continue to grow.

During the construction of this article and interview with Asierith, Pharoah, EE posted an announcement upgrading their protectorate agreement with Order of the White Rose to a Mutual Defense Pact.

Now, we do officially have an Egyptian Empire alliance tied to IQ with stability on both sides – slightly. Frontier Records has been in this world for over a year and still has no stability when it comes to a solid position within this world politically. The highest profile treaty they hold is the agreement with The Commonwealth. We reached out to Frontier Record’s Board of Directors, but unfortunately Uncle Tom was only available to comment. DemonSpawn refused comment and Alexio was not immediately available for comment. Uncle Tom confirms rumors that EE is a pixel-hugging alliance by saying “way I see is EE is a haven in PNW, nice place to go if you want to avoid war.” Uncle Tom also tells us that EE and BC used to be close and Rough Riders and EE were in talks for allying up with a Mutual Defense Pact before the BC/RR merger. “I think its a good move, no merger [with EE] just something that should’ve been done a while ago,” Tom said.

Nick, member of Frontier Records told ORB that he enjoys Egyptian Empire, “they are cool” he said. In the announcement for the FR/EE treaty most community members either commented negatively or appeared emotionless to the news. Many can speculate what exactly this treaty means to both of these parties. You could on one hand say that Frontier Records loves Egyptian Empire and this upgrade makes sense because they are all friends and tiers match. On the other hand you could say that Egyptian Empire is trying to protect their pixel-hugging policies and are positioning themselves safely within larger alliances in preparation for the next war.

Here is ORB’s Political Analysis:

First we have to take a look at Frontier Records – while Bad Company they made multiple large political moves which moved them from sphere to sphere. They were originally tied to a few alliances then departed to join the Vanguard Bloc. While the war heated up across Orbis, Bad Company decided it would be smart to ‘strategically dodge’ an attack on Vanguard and ended up isolating themselves on the battlefield. During this time, there was tremendous talk of a coalition joining together post-war that would include the likes of The Knights Radiant, Guardian, The Commonwealth, The Fighting Pacifists, Bad Company, and select smaller alliances for proper tiering.

Frontier Records old-guard BC government could still be pushing towards that direction. Politics among the larger alliances has been quiet and when its quiet something is up. It could be that Frontier Records is not trying to take Egyptian Empire away from IQ, but there is still a possibility. If this is Frontier Records playing the long game, if they are the ones calling the shots, a good strategy would be the following:

  • Upgrade with Egyptian Empire (tiering)
  • Have Egyptian Empire upgrade with vanguard alliance. (connection to IQ)
  • Frontier Records signs pact with TFP, TKR, The Commonwealth. (sphere build)
  • Vanguard alliance drops IQ treaties and moves disconnected from IQ to sphere.

Obviously, we know that this vanguard alliance is the Order of the White Rose, it wouldn’t take much work to drop Black Knights, Polaris, and TUE..especially if OWR feels comfortable within the realm of the other larger alliances.

Do you think this is the rout Frontier Records is taking?