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No Ceasefire – WMT


Well folks, it is officially Christmas here in the States and we aren’t getting a ceasefire in this global war that is still bustling on – known as KnightFall. How far do these knights have to fall to get to the peace everyone wants and deserves?

The idea of a ceasefire around this time of year really goes back to World War I – Christmas Eve 1914. This ceasefire started on Christmas Eve – many German & British soldiers were singing Christmas carols to each other – at the first light, some German soldiers came out of their trenches and approached the Allied lines on the opposite end of no-man’s-land while calling out “Merry Christmas.” Obviously, Allied soldiers thought this was a trick, but they quickly noticed that the Germans were unarmed. Allied Soldiers and German soldiers put down their guns, turned away from the war, and participated in one of the most human acts that I have ever learned about in history. Shaking hands, exchanging gifts, story telling, laughing, hugging…human gestures of love and kindness for another human. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KHoVBK2EVE

Meanwhile in the world of Orbis:

Cmon now, Ripper.
Sthap being a spoilsport. Let this war continue till 2020. What peace terms?? Takes copy of peace terms and throws it in the dustbin. 
#RekTKR&TCWtill2020 Seraphim via PW Forums

I mean what did you really expect? Orbis rarely settles itself between the two extremes of Politics or War – ultimately that is what our game should be officially called Politics or War, remove that ampersand Alex! It is honestly true though, we will course through a long periololically time of straight up politics which make everyone act like the equivalent of what a tumor smells like & demand war and change. Now that we are in war, people are pushing to get out – but you do have to think about the mechanics this game provides. You really can’t look at this like a real life war – which brings us back from this bullshit ramble to fill up space to the ceasefire.

You just can’t have it, why? Because IQ doesn’t want to give it to you – plus there really isn’t a reason why it should be granted, permitted, allowed, engaged, started, etc….it really wouldn’t do anything other than allow TKR/Friends to build up a bit before IQ comes right back for that booty again – it really just comes to a push and pull match. IQ and friends can in fact keep hitting until they can’t hit no more which ultimately puts TKR & Friends into a position of not being able to be hurt, while it pushes IQ and friends in a nice plump area (or at least keeps them there) to potentially be raided/hit – or whatever type of fantasy you might want to dream up.

I guess ultimately, what needs to be discussed is a complete end to the war, not just a temporary ceasefire in honor of humanity, Christmas, joy and all that shit, but an actual end to the war, subsequent breakup of political lines, a new political future & more, frequent wars. (thats my dream) -but this won’t happen, because we live in a meme-state. It would be more fun and more “OMG” if BK/IQ stuck on beating that booty up until the new year was here for no other reason than…damn that was funny….and of course we got this:

They won’t even show up to peace talks they schedule lol. Can’t trust a cease fire.  The Mad Titan via PW Forums

Adrienne, where you at boo? Doesn’t seem like you to keep the alliance and friends suffering – but – I do only see one side of the story, still love you though, but maybe the way TKR and friends are handling themselves is to say that they will not bow down. If you do not accept a peace term (which, imo those peace terms are fucking dumber than shit) – then why agree to them?

If you’re reading this – what would you like to see? What is your ultimate fantasy with this war? IQ-side is pretty aggro’d – they are gun-ho to kick ass and they really don’t give a fuck about taking names, but mechanics can be a limitation to actually fulfilling any actual satisfaction in war – imagine a movie or story without a climax…sucks. Our climax usually comes in the form of shitty peace terms (which just keep getting more and more shitty as this game progresses, nobody as a fucking imagination anymore I guess), but digressing from there – the whole idea is to take down the one that wears the crown – the key thing to remember is that post-war, someone will be wearing that crown and that crown is always recycled.